White Borneo Kratom Powder, 100g
White Borneo Kratom Powder
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White Borneo Kratom Powder


  • Fully sterilized
  • Originally grown on the Indonesian island of Borneo
  • Made from finely powdered kratom leaves
  • Premium quality white-veined Borneo kratom
  • Lab-tested to ensure high quality
  • Available in 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg
  • INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure White Borneo Kratom Powder
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Borneo is located in the Indonesia-controlled, Kalimantan region of an island to the west of Indonesia. White Borneo kratom powder is derived from trees in this tropical region of Southeast Asia.  People from the region are said to have used the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree traditionally as a natural pain reliever and mood booster. Then, in 1839 it was introduced to the Western world when Pieter Korthals identified it in 1839. Other people around the world have caught on to this natural supplement and are even known to have tried it as an immune system booster.

White Borneo kratom is named for the white vein that runs down the center of the leaves of this strain. It’s harvested at the middle of kratom’s maturity cycle, specifically for its balance of indole alkaloids at that time. Its users report that it helps them with concentration, as well as energy and endurance. It’s part of the coffee family, and locals have dried and crushed the leaves to use as a tea for centuries. Despite its close relation to this caffeinated plant, users report that while it improves alertness, it does not come with side effects like the jitters.

This kratom strain’s leaves have white veins on the backs of its leaves, rather than the more popular red veins of other mature varieties. Despite the missing red pigmentation, this strain of kratom still contains the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. We source ours from family farmers and sterilize it using a pasteurization process that’s designed to preserve these high-quality alkaloids in every package that goes out. It has average mitragynine levels, and tends to be more onsistent than other varieties of this plant.

Note: If you want to resell our Red Indo kratom, we also sell Bulk White Borneo Kratom Powder in quantities up to 10kg at a discount.

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg

42 reviews for White Borneo Kratom Powder

  1. Laura

    Always has the most competitive price in the market and best quality products!

  2. Nancy

    This is the most energizing strain I tried. I have ordered many times with grown selection and always been consistent with the quality of their product!

  3. Kalifa

    This gives me a high energy with mild euphoria. The best strain that I tried. Will place my order again in a bit!

  4. Evans

    Love the consistency of the effect. Highly recommended.

  5. Rita

    Superb customer service. Really helpful and informative!

  6. Lovely

    I ordered before in some stores but their kratom is lumpy. With grown selection I never found any lumps with my orders. Super fine powder!

  7. Gabriel

    Amazing company and products. They have very friendly customer service and always the best quality product.

  8. Cayenne

    It helps me with my fibromyalgia. Some of my pain meds make me feel tired but this white Borneo helps me with my pain and also gives me energy.

  9. Brenda

    Every time I order white borneo from these guys, I never get disappointed. I buy them for one reason and one reason only, to get rid of pain. It works well and I don’t feel any side effects. This is my 3rd order so I decided to leave a review already.

  10. Karina

    I have tried almost every supplement known to mankind and this one works best for me. The white borneo kratom powder gives me energy and focus which I need as an entrepreneur. Highly recommended!

  11. Sean

    Have been extremely happy with this strain. borneo kratom always had great effects on me. it keeps me energetic throughout the day. I hope the quality of the kratom you guys provide never changes.

  12. Stephen

    Very Relaxing. If you are looking to relax after a long day at work you can try this strain. Works perfect for me.

  13. Amelie

    This changed my life completely. I suffered from depression for years, I never go out of my room, so my parents will only bring my food to my room and sometimes I don’t even touch it. Then my mom asked to me take the tea she made out of this strain, and in just 2 weeks, there’s already a significant change in my mood. And now I can socialize with my family and even go out. All my fears and anxiety are gone.

  14. Teddy

    This is really a mood booster. Keeps me upbeat the whole day even under stress.

  15. Elise

    The taste is bitter but overtime you will get used to the taste. The pain relief is strong and it can last the whole day.

  16. Anna

    Works better than the pain medication prescribed to me. And it’s much cheaper. I will surely recommend this store because they have the best kratom.

  17. Ellen

    The powder has an earthy aroma making it really fresh and it’s super fine compared to other stores that has many lumps. I will placed another order soon.

  18. Ismael

    Very much happy with this strain. It helps so much with the pain and it was delivered fast!

  19. Cornelius

    This white Borneo is recommended for a runner like me. It gives me a boost of energy to run those extra miles. This strain is a pro.

  20. Cyrus

    I can’t start my day without this Borneo kratom. It gives me energy to keep going through out the day.

  21. Stanley

    In the past four months that I’ve been ordering with Grown Selection, I never had any problems with my orders and whatnot, but just recently, I badly need to cancel an order I placed, and tried to contact their customer service but I never got a response from them. So disappointed because when I really needed them, their not available.

  22. Elsa

    Among the selections you have, this white Borneo is the best suit for me. A steady source of energy and focus.

  23. Janae

    This white Borneo has been my coffee substitute every morning. Gives me the energy to start my day without the jitters I get from coffee.

  24. Waylon

    Controlled my depression and anxiety. White Borneo Kratom Powder is the best strain for me.

  25. Rhett

    Love the packaging. My order arrived within the same day I ordered my White Borneo Kratom Powder. The earthy aroma was locked inside the package.

  26. Jasper

    It’s great to know that there is a vendor out there with so many different strains available. That is Grown Selection. My White Borneo Kratom Powder is just one of their high quality products.

  27. Shelly

    I don’t give perfect scores to anything so I’m giving you a 4-star rating. Your product works, borneo kratom is good I get what I need and I’ll buy again for sure.

  28. Robert Edwards

    This is my first time trying kratom. I don’t know the effects yet completely but I do know that it’s good to take in the morning since it somehow gives me energy.

  29. Dean

    My White Borneo Kratom Powder is the best strain. It’s not strong but just enough to help with my back pain.

  30. Jayce

    It was amazing how my White Borneo Kratom Powder arrived within the day. Also, the site was very user-friendly.

  31. Karter

    A friend told me about Grown Selection. So I tried it out. I love White Borneo Kratom Powder. I’m glad I bought it here.

  32. Moshe

    I’m so happy with the quality of the powder. It’s so much better than the once I tried before.

  33. Xander

    The White Borneo Kratom Powder from Grown Selection is indeed premium quality. I’ve tried so many from different vendors so I can definitely tell the difference. Highly recommended.

  34. Finn

    White Borneo Kratom Powder is the best energy boosting strain. I recommend this to those who have a very busy schedule every week.

  35. Josiah

    I’m a fan of Kratom and the White Borneo Kratom Powder is my favorite. I’m glad a friend introduced Grown Selection to me. It has the most affordable Kratom selection in the market.

  36. Lakeisha

    All in one strain. It gives you pain relief, focus, energy and calmness. I strongly recommend for you to try this strain.

  37. Kane

    The white borneo kratom powder is always my go to strain. Works well with me and the effects were just right.

  38. Muhammad

    You can never go wrong with the white borneo kratom powder. It will take your pain away and help you sleep better at night.

  39. Iker

    I’ve been a kratom fan for almost 6 years now. This was the first time I’ve bought from Grown Selection and I must say that this white borneo kratom powder is of high quality. In fact the best so far compared to other vendors I tried.

  40. Jaylen

    From the user-friendly website to the same day shipping and the quality itself. Super satisfied!

  41. Crew

    Very professional customer support. Very knowledgeable and polite. Great experience!

  42. Mikayla

    Excellent quality product. I’m not as anxious as I used to be when I’m around people. It also helps me with my migraines.

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