strawberry CBD gummies, 25mg, 30ct
Strawberry Flavor CBD Fruit Gummies, 25mg

Strawberry Flavor CBD Fruit Gummies, 25mg


  • 25mg of premium, Broad Spectrum CBD per gummy
  • 30 strawberry-flavored CBD gummies per jar
  • High-Strength CBD Product
  • 0.00% THC
  • Made Safe With Non-Toxic Solvents
  • Lab Tested For: Fungus, Bacteria, Pesticides, Heavy Metals
  • Made in the USA
  • INGREDIENTS: Glucose syrup, cane sugar, pectin, water, citric acid, natural preservatives, natural flavors, natural colors, Coconut MCT, Carnauba Wax. Each gummy contains 25mg of high-quality 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD.
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(53 customer reviews)


If you’re looking for a delicious alternative to tinctures, then try our CBD gummies. Each delicious drop delivers 25mg of broad spectrum CBD. Each jar comes with 30 individual gummies, for a total of 750mg of CBD per container. The strawberry CBD gummies are made with natural strawberry flavor and are a welcome treat.


Glucose syrup, cane sugar, pectin, water, citric acid, natural preservatives, natural strawberry and other flavors, natural colors, Coconut MCT, Carnauba Wax. Each gummy contains 25mg of high-quality 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD.

Suggested Use

Consume your strawberry CBD gummies on a full stomach with something heavy in fats.

Additional information

Weight8 oz

53 reviews for Strawberry Flavor CBD Fruit Gummies, 25mg

  1. Randolph

    Helps me with my anxiety. It makes me function well at work and keeps me from being wrapped in my thoughts.

  2. Fatima

    Taste like fresh strawberries! It helps me relax and have a good night’s sleep during these stressful times brought by this pandemic.

  3. Michelle

    The taste is perfect. Has that real strawberry taste and at the same time, it is not too sweet compared to other brands. Yummy Gummies!

  4. Margot

    The delivery was crazy fast! I ordered Strawberry Flavor CBD Fruit Gummies 5 days ago and here I am munching it already. Thanks GS!

  5. Keith

    A friend told me about this website and how they have great Kratom and CBD products so I wanted to try it out. Since I love strawberries, I went with their Strawberry Flavor CBD Fruit Gummies and it was superb. Thanks!

  6. Calvin

    It’s very interesting that there’s strawberry-flavored cbd, I never would’ve thought that someone would make one. But it works for me, I pop in a couple of gummies whenever I’m in pain and it helps a lot.

  7. Rachel

    Yours is the first CBD product that has worked to relieve my anxiety & joint pains. Plus, you got my 2 favorite things in the world, strawberries and gummies. It feels so good to finally be pain-free.

  8. Prashad

    Has a very nice flavor. I take 1 gummy, an hour before I sleep and usually after 15mins I’m already out. That’s how effective it is.

  9. Shelby

    The taste is really wonderful. It also helps me to get through the workday. I gives me the focus and energy to continue.

  10. Kristine

    What I liked with these gummies is I don’t have to worry about the dosage and has much better taste compared to taking capsules or gels. This is a much better way of taking CBDs.

  11. Hillary

    My husband bought me these CBD gummies, and they are amazing! It works with body aches, headaches and even my with my PMS.

  12. Manny

    Can’t get enough of these gummies. They really are a great hit to my family. My mom and dad loves it and even my sister.

  13. Sandy

    I have tried CBD gummies from different stores, and this is so far the best. It’s very delicious and very effective. The ones I tried before are only tasty but no effect at all.

  14. Gerry

    These gummies tastes really great and really helps a lot in keeping the mood in check.

  15. Lester

    What I like about these gummies is that its not too sweet. My wife and I take these 2 hrs before sleeping, and we’ll wake up full of energy.

  16. Franklin

    I love the the flavor and I can really feel the effect! I will order more.

  17. Marjorie

    This gummy helps me physically and mentally. Good mood and energy booster, plus a fantastic flavor. Sooo yummy!

  18. Buddy

    This is my favorite product of Grown Selection. So easy to take, just like eating a candy.

  19. Estella

    This provides relief from anxiety and pain. I love this CBD gummies.

  20. Eleonor

    I can really taste the real strawberry flavor on these gummies.

  21. Dillon

    This eases my back pain real quick, which is amazing, and it also doesn’t make me feel drowsy, unlike other brands I tried.

  22. Racheal

    Delicious gummies packed with energy source. I super love these gummies because it makes me alert all the time.

  23. Darryl Burch

    Love the gummies. Not as strong as the oil but it still works.

  24. Tia Calderon

    These gummies are amazing, I pop one right before bed and it helps me get good quality sleep.

  25. Jakob Stark

    Amazing cbd product here. Thanks for having this option for me.

  26. Ismael Vaughan

    My order was delivered in 2 days. I’m so excited to see how the effects.

  27. Elisabeth Rowland

    I’m a very busy guy and I have no time to measure tinctures every time I need to take cbd, so this product works great for me. I take the gummies everyday as a supplement, and it does exactly what I need it to do. I’ve a few bottles left at home to make sure I don’t run out of them.

  28. Allie Osborn

    My son loves these gummies, he doesn’t even know that he’s taking CBD, all he knows is he gets to eat strawberry gummies. Helps him with his anxiety.

  29. Joey Sampson

    Amazing product and delicious flavor. It’s good that you list all the ingredients on your site, I love that it only uses natural ingredients. Unlike other sellers that use artificial flavoring and colors.

  30. Jeanette Case

    I have tried many other cbd vendors and I either got low-quality cbd gummies or got very upset because of delivery. Until I found grown selection. This one is different because I get my orders very quickly and the product is definitely high-quality.

  31. Reese

    I hate the taste of CBD oil and I can never swallow capsules too, I am so glad that these CBD gummies exist. I eat a couple of them everyday. I am more focused now and less anxious too.

  32. Emilio

    These gummies do an excellent job in helping me with my daily life, I’m more focused at work and it keeps me calm.

  33. Ciara

    These CBD gummies have succeeded where my prescription meds have failed. This was just recommended to me by a friend and I thought to give it a try since I got nothing to lose anyway. Now, I can sleep like a normal person again, my anxiety levels have dropped.

  34. Bennett

    I wish you guys have a bigger bottle of these CBD gummies. This is just perfect for me.

  35. Laila

    It helps me to relax before I go to sleep. It relieves me from most of the pain I feel from working.

  36. Sasha

    There are a lot of cbd gummies out there that contain gelatin, and as a vegan, I cannot take them. I was so glad to have found grown selection gummies, I’ve checked the ingredients and all of them are vegan. CBD helps me sleep.

  37. Beau

    When I found grown selection, I thought that they are one of those vendors that sell gummies that contain gelatin. I’m glad they put the ingredients in the product description, I was happy to find out that it’s vegan. I’m gonna order again.

  38. Glenn

    Received my package in about 3 days, I think. I have been taking these CBD gummies for about a month now. I get quick relief from pain in my back. It also works well against migraines. Thanks grown selection!

  39. Everett

    Customer service is very informative. Products are very good and effective. Worth the price.

  40. Anastasia

    Ultra fast delivery. Works excellent for pain, even works better for sleep.

  41. Sylvia

    I don’t feel as stressed as I used to before I started taking these CBD gummies. Wonderful product!

  42. Eugene

    Definitely better than oil. Not as fast acting but tastes better. Will order again.

  43. Makenzie

    Great product and quick deliver too. Helps me to stay focused and relaxed.

  44. Raquel

    I get all the good effects of CBD without having to deal with the disgusting taste of its natural flavor. Gummies are the best!

  45. Ezekiel

    Very chewy and tasty. It also works well and improved my son’s behavior. I’m so glad that you don’t use gelatin for these gummies.

  46. Giselle

    I am really satisfied with these gummies. Aside from the fact that I don’t have to endure the bad taste of cbd, it also is very easy to carry and to take.

  47. Darrell

    This cbd gummies have helped my son with her anxiety. She now sleeps better, thanks grown selection!

  48. Helen

    I bought this for my daughter who has ADHD. It’s surprisingly effective on her, she’s more relaxed now.

  49. Ashlyn

    This helps reduce my stress levels I just pop 2 gummies every day.

  50. Tommy

    It works as intended. Thanks

  51. Tessa

    Anxiety and pain reliever. Great product!

  52. Braxton

    Very fast shipping. Best gummies ever. Thanks so much!

  53. Jhoany

    Helps me a lot with my anxiety. Thanks to Gorwn Selection for having an effective product like this.

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