natural CBD oil, 500mg, 30ml
Natural Flavor CBD Tincture, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, 500mg – 17mg/mL (30mL)

Natural Flavor CBD Tincture, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, 500mg – 17mg/mL (30mL)


Try this natural flavor CBD tincture. Natural flavored CBD oil, minimum strength.

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • 100% Organic
  • No Pesticides
  • Natural Flavor
  • 0.00% THC
  • Made Safe With Non-Toxic Solvents
  • Lab Tested For: Fungus, Bacteria, Pesticides, Heavy Metals
  • High-Strength CBD Product
  • Made in the USA
  • INGREDIENTS: Natural 30 mL 500 mg Contains: MCT oil (coconut oil), 500 mg 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD.
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(54 customer reviews)

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Weight8 oz

54 reviews for Natural Flavor CBD Tincture, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, 500mg – 17mg/mL (30mL)

  1. Glenn

    I just wanted a mild dose and this was what I needed. I’ll buy more when I finish this one.

  2. Philip

    Been taking this CBD oil for a month now and what I first noticed was that I easily fall asleep and it works great for pain too.

  3. Marcus

    This is very effective compared to other brands I tried. The CBD oil dosage is just right me and it always alleviates the chronic back pain I have for years.

  4. Bruce

    This cbd works great for my arthritis , they don’t feel as painful and they are much more tolerable now even if I don’t take pain killers anymore. I hope this product continues to work because I don’t want to always depend on pain killers.

  5. Rhonda

    I have ordered 2 bottles of cbd oil so far and I am pleased with the product. I am sleeping better now, it also helped me deal with my arthritis a bit. Next time, I’ll try the stronger one, either the 1000mg or 1500mg and see how it would compare.

  6. Diego

    Always delivers a superior quality product. This is very effective with my migraine. Ever since I started taking this oil 3 months ago, I never had one migraine at all.

  7. Spencer

    We are new to CBD oil, so me and my wife are taking it 1 drop at a time. It seems to be helping my wife with her joint pain. So that merits a 5 star rating! This is just what we’re hoping for!

  8. Niklaus

    I ordered the 1500mg but what arrived is the 500mg oil. Kind of disappointed because this 500 mg does not do me anything. So I immediately contacted customer service and they offered to send me my correct order and they let me keep this.

  9. Chance

    I am super impressed after I take this Natural Flavor CBD Tincture in the morning it lasts all throughout the day even if my daily schedule is so hectic.

  10. Griffin

    I have been working towards becoming a personal trainer, which can be a big strain on my body. I tried using this Natural Flavor CBD Tincture and so far I’ve loved it.

  11. Troy

    I was amazed by the super fast shipping. The experience was really great for a first time customer, I would say that it was satisfying.

  12. Dexter

    Good quality oils are essential for the process of making hand made goat milk soaps and this Natural Flavor CBD Tincture has performed very well. Will be purchasing this product again.

  13. Jazlyn

    I’ve been a fan of this Natural Flavor CBD Tincture for a long time now. I bought them from different merchants but I think, I found the best merchant grown selection.

  14. Michaela

    Their customer service are polite and prompt. They helped me get the right dosage for me. Thanks!

  15. Juliette

    The strength of this oil is just perfect for me. Very energizing and the flavor is good, not delicious but I prefer it.

  16. Willie

    This has helped me with my focus and mental clarity. I noticed that after taking it, I start to think a lot clearer.

  17. Vince

    This natural flavor CBD oil has no after taste which is what I like about it aside from the fact that it’s very effective.

  18. Jarvis

    I’ve been taking this for more than a month now, and I noticed the improvement with my sleep. I can sleep easily and wake up full of energy. I also didn’t have an anxiety attack since.

  19. Delores

    I’m a nurse, and because of this pandemic, my stress level is kinda high, adding the paranoia that I might get the virus and bring it home to my kids. So I tried CBD, and it very well, help me manage my stress and coping is much easy.

  20. Darius

    I tried different pain meds for my back pain, but nothing seems to work until I tried CBD, it tremendously helped to ease the pain.

  21. Leony

    Grown Selection has the best quality and price for CBD. This oil is very much effective, it eases the pain in my legs, and now I can walk without the pain.

  22. Angie

    The oil is very effective, no question about that. My only problem is that this is my first time to order with you, and you already gave me an impression. My order took ten days before it got here. I tried contacting customer service but to no avail.

  23. Sherwin

    CBD continues to help me in my everyday life because it makes my day easier. No pain that will bother me while I’m at work or even at home relaxing. Thank you Grown Selection for providing a quality CBD oil!

  24. Colleen

    Best for sleeping. I take this 2 hours before bedtime and it really works perfectly. I get to have a deep sleep that I never had for the past 2 years.

  25. Hunter

    Because of this oil, I can rest well every night. I don’t feel too much pain anymore from back ever since I took this. Less pain means more rest and sleeps at night.

  26. Ashly

    I thought that CBD is only for pain but I found out that I also help manage anxiety. At first, I don’t believe the article I read, so I said, let me try it then and see if it really works. I’ve been feeling down for 2 weeks now, which I know is not normal. After a week of taking this oil, my mood improved a lot.

  27. Julian Glover

    My cbd tincture arrived the next day from I ordered it. It helped my anxiety after a day of using it. Great product.

  28. Chris Peters

    I never knew that CBD would give me anxiety relief. I’ve been having anxiety attacks since the pandemic started and cbd oil helped tremendously.

  29. Tony Scott

    The ordering process is very easy and it’s good that they take bitcoin. I also received my order in a timely manner.

  30. Collin Mcmahon

    I finally found a CBD oil that actually works! I really love the quality of the product and I appreciate prompt delivery.

  31. Andrew Foreman

    This cbd oil helps me sleep easily in the morning. I work the night shift and I had been having sleep problems but it’s all good now.

  32. Anabelle

    The strength of this oil is fantastic. Very effective for my chronic pain.

  33. Gabby Head

    I’ve been taking t his every day for a couple of weeks now. It has helped me with my sleep, it also helped me to relax, and the very reason I bought this was for pain. I get the pain relief I need.

  34. Cynthia Bolton

    I initially tried the 1000mg one and I think it’s a little too strong for me. I made me feel very relaxed that I’d fall asleep even though I don’t need to sleep yet.

  35. Fiona Tyson

    My husband loves the product. He sleeps like a baby now.

  36. Deandre Rutledge

    This cbd oil has really helped me deal with anxiety and pain.

  37. Joyce Craft

    Products arrived after just a couple days from when I ordered, been using them for a few weeks now and I love them.

  38. adrian

    Best hemp oil I’ve tried since the pandemic started. The local store I buy from closed up shop and I’ve been having trouble looking for good product.

  39. Leticia Odonnell

    Best hemp or cbd oil I’ve used in months. Amazing product!

  40. Kayleigh Mayo

    It works as advertised, this 500mg one is very cost-effective for me. Just a few drops under my tongue and I get what I need.

  41. Fatima Melendez

    I have been looking for a company that sells legitimate full-spectrum CBD for a while now. I found grown selection and placed my order just like the other sites I tried, I received my order a couple of days later, and started my supplementation as usual. Their oil keeps me less anxious and more focused! The search is over.

  42. Traci

    I got so tired of the complicated order process from the vendor I used to buy cbd oil from, found grown selection and their order process is smooth and easy.

  43. Josie

    This 500mg bottle lasts an entire month for me. It’s very good for anxiety and I only use it when I need to. Having this premium quality product for a cheaper price compared to other vendors is an amazing deal!

  44. Delilah

    The potency of this product is on point. Just about a couple of drops under my tongue helps me get through any day. I am more relaxed, I sleep better, and I don’t feel achy.

  45. Byron

    I’m a fitness trainer and sometimes, my body suffers the daily workout I get. Muscle pains are normal when working out, but with CBD oil, the pain goes away in just minutes.

  46. Felix

    This CBD oil helped me a lot. I am more relaxed, my anxiety levels dropped greatly, been taking this CBD oil for 3 months now! Thanks!

  47. Bonnie

    Effective product. I’ve tried CBD from other brands and was disappointed in most of them either because they aren’t effective or they are very expensive. Grown selection cbd is not only cheaper, it takes effect faster and longer too.

  48. Kai

    Been suffering from a couple of mental disorders, being anxious and depressed all the time. This CBD product changed my life by 180 degrees. I’m less anxious now and I don’t feel as depressed as before. I’ve been taking this for 3 weeks now.

  49. Dale

    I just received my 4th bottle. All my orders arrived on time. Consistent delivery and consistent products!

  50. Jazmin

    I purchased this to help me with my sleep and it did exactly as I needed it to do. Great product!

  51. Ramon

    Grown selection CBD oil is really amazing, it helps my daughter in reducing her anxiety and stress levels.

  52. Piper

    I am so pleased with this CBD oil. Thank you!

  53. Camille

    I hate the taste but I love the pain-relieving effects.

  54. Lorenzo

    I’m so satisfied with the quality and the benefits I get from this CBD oil. Before I started taking this, I’m having difficulty moving around, but with the help of this oil, I can almost do anything I need to do.

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