mint CBD oil tincture, 500mg, 30ml
Mint Flavor CBD Tincture, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, 500mg – 17mg/mL (30mL)

Mint Flavor CBD Tincture, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, 500mg – 17mg/mL (30mL)


Try this delicious mint CBD tincture. Natural mint flavored CBD oil, minimum strength.

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • 100% Organic
  • No Pesticides
  • Natural Flavor
  • 0.00% THC
  • Made Safe With Non-Toxic Solvents
  • Lab Tested For: Fungus, Bacteria, Pesticides, Heavy Metals
  • High-Strength CBD Product
  • Made in the USA
  • INGREDIENTS: Mint 30 mL 500 mg Contains: MCT oil (coconut oil), 500 mg 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD, Mint Organic natural flavoring.
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Weight8 oz

55 reviews for Mint Flavor CBD Tincture, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, 500mg – 17mg/mL (30mL)

  1. Minesh

    Fantastic sleep aid. And it’s fast acting too. I usually put some under my tongue for fast absorption and when I tried to put some on my food last night, it has the same effect.

  2. Fatima

    This mint flavor is awesome. You don’t have to mix it with a tea or drinks just drop a few directly to your mouth and you’ll get a quick relief!

  3. Leonardo

    The delivery was outstanding. I’ve never had this kind of experience before. Awesome job Grown Selection!

  4. Rick

    I had questions regarding the Mint Flavor CBD Tincture so I decided to contact their customer service. It was an awesome experience I tell you. They were all polite and very knowlegeable about the product.

  5. Crissy

    I use CBD for anxiety and it really works. The problem is, I’m starting to hate the taste of the CBD oil I get locally. This one is pretty good though, having the minty taste. I wish I had known about grown selection earlier. I wouldn’t have had to deal with the unpleasant taste.

  6. Levi

    It’s so amazing how effective it is with my insomnia. On my first try, it already worked magic!

  7. Ignacio

    This is my first time using cbd oil. I am absolutely impressed by it. Taking it gives me like a calming feeling, and being that this is mint-flavored. The taste is not so bad at all.

  8. Maya

    I used to tolerate the natural flavor of this CBD oil until a friend of mine told me that there are flavors available for this. So I googled it and found Grown Selection. Thanks to your mint flavor CBD, I don’t have to suffer from the taste.

  9. Seth

    I received the glass bottle in a well-wrapped and very secure package. The CBD oil seems to be of good quality. The mint flavor doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth, I place the oil under my tongue. After about a week I notice less anxiety and the edge is off. Highly recommend this!

  10. Armando

    My wife and I are both using this. I love the results for myself because it’s helping me sleep. My wife isn’t quite sure yet how he feels about this cbd oil. So far I am happy with it.

  11. Evelynn

    Best flavor I’ve ever had. The mint stays in your mouth for a few minutes but the refreshing feeling stays for a long time.

  12. Luciana

    Gives you that warm but refreshing feeling all day. I wished I’ve known this Mint Flavor CBD Tincture existed. I would have used it long ago. The shipping was amazingly fast. Great company!

  13. Emerson

    I take 1 tsp a day, and I feel that I’m so full of energy. I also let my family members try it, and they experience the same thing.

  14. Nina

    You can never go wrong with this CBD. Really refreshing and minty.

  15. Racquel

    Just the right amount of strength to stop the throbbing pain in my head when I’m having a migraine.

  16. Cameron

    This is the winner for me! It was delivered fast, the taste is really awesome, keeps the pain at bay and it makes me calm!

  17. Clarence

    The flavor is awesome, no after taste too. The best decision I made is to try this CBD oil because it helps a lot. It eases pain, gives me extra energy and improved my sleep.

  18. Rosemarie

    I tried CBDs before and stopped because I don’t feel anything with the other brands that I tried in the past. Then my grandson encourage me again to try it because my joint pain is worsening. And he gave me a bottle from Grown Selection and it’s very effective. I immediately feel the relief minutes after taking it.

  19. Cassidy

    No question about the product quality, when it comes to Grown Selection. They are always consistent that they will give you a high-quality product.

  20. Alvaro

    The CBD products of Grown Selection are amazing. A big improvement for me, I can move around the house without me having to worry that I might break glass or anything I hold because of my hands. My hands stiffen because of arthritis and can’t function well. But thanks to this CBD oil, I can function very well.

  21. Gloria

    I have a bad back especially during morning. When I started taking this, I can easily bend, I can do some stuffs without complaining of back pain.

  22. Charlene

    The taste is acceptable. I prefer this unflavored oil because it’s more natural. Saves you from artificial flavoring.

  23. Rustie

    My first time to order with you guys and I’m still waiting for my order. Already 8 days.

  24. Rico

    I ordered this for myself, but it ended up, my girlfriend consuming it all even before I can start to use it. Surely, she enjoyed the product.

  25. Adolfo

    The texture of the oil in my mouth is so smooth and no greasy feeling at all. And the best part is, it doesn’t have an after taste.

  26. Marianna

    I can attest to the effectiveness of this oil. Really takes away the pain and will even make you feel stronger.

  27. Lou Dobson

    This CBD oil helps my anxiety AMAZINGLY! Has also improved my mood so much! Definitely gonna order again.

  28. Peter Jamieson

    Works great for pain. I have chronic back pain and I’ve always relied on pain meds. I wanted to stray away from them so I tried this as an alternative.

  29. Jordan Lee

    Amazing product. I started working out again last month and the muscle pain I get after working out was getting intolerable so I tried taking cbd oil and works like a charm. I’ve been using it ever since.

  30. Adam Puckett

    It works better than the pain meds I used to take and the effects last longer too.

  31. Malou Dela Cruz

    I was skeptic at first but I never expected that I would really get the effects I needed from CBD. Here I am 4 months later and I’m still using the product. Thank you!

  32. Gracia

    I’m very happy with the product. It tastes great, and it works well for me. I’ve tried a lot of over the counter pain meds, but nothing works. And I also avoid opioids as much as possible, that’s why I’m very glad I found this CBD oil, the answer for my chronic pain.

  33. Maricel Sosa

    I have sciatica and I can tell you that ever since I started taking your cbd oil, I have notived huge improvement with less pain and the burning sensation also decreased in my hips.

  34. Billy Good

    Having tried cbd oil from different places, I know if it’s high-quality. Grown selection is definitely on top of the list with the best cbd products.

  35. Talia Talley

    There are so many cbd vendors online, some of them either have very high prices, some just sell lemons. I’ve tried them all. I didn’t really expect that grown selection’s products would be any different. But I was proved wrong, these are some high-quality CBD.

  36. Reid Castaneda

    Excellent quality oil. It works well for me, the effects just don’t last as long as I need it to, I just ordered the 1500mg bottle too.

  37. Paris Wynn

    I’m noticing that I am less anxious now. I like this cbd product.

  38. adrian

    Just the right dose for me. Grown selection products are now my favorite because the products are very effective, despite the cheaper price.

  39. Keira Britt

    High-quality hemp oil, definitely worth every penny.

  40. Marilyn Wilder

    Excellent cbd product, fast shipping. It worked a lot better than I thought it would, especially for social anxiety and sleep.

  41. Alvin Hopper

    This 500mg variant helps me in areas that I never expected. If I knew I could get so much relief, I would’ve ordered a couple of more bottles.

  42. Stefanie

    This is the first CBD I’ve ever used, I’ve been researching about cbd and its effects so tried it. Found this site, asked about the products and I got answers fairly quickly, the order process was very easy too. I am glad I tried it. I’m gonna continue using cbd.

  43. Tatiana

    Products are good and comes with a reasonable price. I just wish they had bigger bottles.

  44. Barry

    I’ve used cbd from many different brands that promised me great results but failed. Grownselection is different, they show lab reports for their products so I gave them a try. They’ve done a great job! Excellent quality CBD!

  45. Jessie

    The order process is so quick and easy, the delivery was also very quick! This cbd oil is absolutely spot on, I love the fact the I don’t grit my teeth during my sleep anymore.

  46. Jazmine

    My husband bought this cbd oil to help with my sleep. I have been using it for a week now and I have noticed great improved in my sleep. I am hoping that this continues to work long-term.

  47. Leon

    I was skeptical at first because I thought the oil wasn’t effective. It turns out, I just needed to continue using it for at least a couple of days before I noticed the difference. It’s been about a week now and I can confidently say this product is amazing!

  48. Brock

    This is some good stuff! Works great for anxiety.

  49. Ivy

    Sleeping better, I also work better. Helps me to focus at work and to relax at night.

  50. Meagan

    Ordered on Wednesday, received on Friday! Very nice!

  51. Ashlee

    I was having doubts about CBD and almost decided not to order, but I’m so glad that my mind didn’t change and I tried it. This CBD oil has helped me a lot in dealing with my anxiety.

  52. Sawyer

    Wonderful product as always. Just got my 5th order today.

  53. Alberto

    I just had a shoulder surgery and I’ve been suffering from post-surgery pain. My pain meds couldn’t really take care of it all. CBD really helped me.

  54. Mariette

    I enjoy the flavor so much. No after taste, and it’s very potent. I’m so relieved that I tried this because I don’t have to suffer because of my gouty arthritis.

  55. Gino

    The quality is great, and it last longer unlike from the other stores I tried in the past.

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