mint CBD oil tincture, 1500mg, 30ml
Mint Flavor CBD Tincture, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, 1500mg – 50mg/mL (30mL)

Mint Flavor CBD Tincture, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, 1500mg – 50mg/mL (30mL)


Try this delicious orange CBD tincture. Natural mint flavored CBD oil, maximum strength.

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • 100% Organic
  • No Pesticides
  • Natural Mint Flavor
  • 0.00% THC
  • Made Safe With Non-Toxic Solvents
  • Lab Tested For: Fungus, Bacteria, Pesticides, Heavy Metals
  • High-Strength CBD Product
  • Made in the USA
  • INGREDIENTS: 30 ml 1500 mg: MCT oil (coconut oil), 1500 mg Broad Spectrum THC 0.00%, Mint Organic natural flavoring.
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(56 customer reviews)

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Weight8 oz

56 reviews for Mint Flavor CBD Tincture, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, 1500mg – 50mg/mL (30mL)

  1. Kanisha

    I really love the minty flavor of the CBD oil and it makes it easier to take.

  2. Fatima

    Just a few drops of this oil takes the pain away. It also has this very nice minty flavor.

  3. Philip

    Packaging is great. I had a bad experience with another store when I bought a similar product, it had leaks because the packaging wasn’t done right. It was quite a mess. I’m definitely gonna order again. Thanks!

  4. Brenan

    This has the same effect as CBD from more expensive sites. The mint flavor is a plus. I would say that this is a good buy. Same CBD quality for a few bucks less.

  5. Owen

    I don’t like the natural flavour of this oil. It’s nice that you have this minty and orange flavours which have really great taste. But I like the mint flavour more because it’s also soothing.

  6. Eddie

    I have been using the cbd oil for about a week now and it works. It helps me deal with my anxiety. Plus, it also helps me with sleep too. Grown selection delivered it to me pretty quickly. I just ordered another bottle but it’s the orange flavored one before I left this review.

  7. Nora

    Pretty easy to do business with. They always process your order on time, so it comes in your doorsteps asap.

  8. Marcus

    Using this CBD oil helped to reduce inflammation in my arm after a major surgery. It’s working perfectly. Adding the mint flavor is a big plus. Thanks!

  9. Alfredo

    This stuff is amazing! The mint flavor is da bomb. This cbd oil helps so much with my anxiety, and joint inflammation. I also have better sleep quality since I started using this. I’m a firm believer in cbd now.

  10. Xzavier

    I’ve used the natural flavor one and I was already satisfied but now that I’ve tried the mint flavor, I have a new favorite. Thanks for having a variety of flavors.

  11. Madilynn

    The mint flavor is something new to me. I love it though! The effect is satisfying as always. Great product Grown Selection!

  12. Maccauley

    My back pain kept me awake all night until I tried this oil from Grown Selection. It helped a lot with the pain and I can now sleep peacefully.

  13. Nova

    I only use this when needed, like if I have my monthly period and the result is outstanding. It’s quick relieving and the taste is great. It’s worth the price!

  14. Devlin

    I find this oil so easy to use. It has this dropper with calibration so you know how much you are taking every day. Great product too, very effective!

  15. Alejandro

    I can’t believe that this took away the pain that I’ve been experiencing for a month. I’m pain free now. I will order more and have my sister try this, since she’s complaining of restless nights.

  16. Jeorge

    This really helps relieve pain from my arthritis

  17. Danielle

    I so love the flavor. It really taste great and it gives me the focus I need to finish my work early. Great motivation.

  18. Nadia

    I’ve read before that this helps treat anxiety, and so I gave it a try. I can attest to it now, that it really helps. I’ve been using this for months now.

  19. Marissa

    This greatly improves my mood. I’m always full of energy and so alive as what my officemates have been telling me.

  20. Omar

    I enjoy the flavor so much. The oil helps brightens my day. And its very effective in relieving pain.

  21. Lizzie

    It was delayed for five days. I tried to call them, to follow up about my order but I can’t get hold of anyone. So frustrating that I have to wait for a total of 8 days for my order to arrive if I paid for priority mail.

  22. Yvonne

    I can attest that this oil really works as an anti-depressant. I’ve been using this for weeks, and it greatly improved my mood.

  23. Annie

    I never thought that I would be trying CBD oil. I only read about this online, but when this pandemic started, I’ve been depressed because of the situation. Suddenly, I can’t cope up. My cousin advised me to take CBD from Grown Selection. After five days of taking it, my mood lightens up, feeling much better, and I even feel calmer.

  24. Grady

    This minty flavored CBD works great! Just be careful with dosage so won’t get too euphoric especially if you’re taking it in the morning just before you go to work.

  25. Elvin

    I keep trying other brands to find the best CBD oil, but I keep on coming back to Grown Selection. Now, I will stick to this brand from now on.

  26. Sydney

    This helps me with my joint pain brought about by my weight. After 3 months of continues usage, I noticed that I’m also starting to lose weight. I really love this CBD oil very much.

  27. Sean Adams

    Great product! It’s good for my chronic back pain and anxiety, and this is better than any CBD oil I’ve tried in the past.

  28. Hannah Johnson

    I was diagnosed with depression and this has been helping me get relief but I am still scared to continuously use this since some people say that CBD is addicting.

  29. Racquel Lopez

    Both my husband and I are using this cbd oil for different reasons. But this one product helps us both, it gives me anxiety-relief while it helps him with his back pain. Excellent product!

  30. Stu Langley

    Very prompt shipping and I know that this is a quality product since it is very effective. My first experience with CBD and I’m really glad I tried it.

  31. Troy Vinson

    This helps me focus more especially when I’m at work. I am liking this product very much.

  32. Callum

    It’s always a fast transaction with Grown Selection. Everything is always smooth, from order processing, packaging, delivery and quality are excellent!

  33. Aaron Haney

    I am very surprised. I didn’t expect I would get the relief I need from CBD oil. I was proved wrong!

  34. Logan Byers

    I am a repeat customer and I just want to say I that I love this product. It’s very effective for anxiety relief.

  35. Francesca Macias

    My husband and I both use products from grown selection. We take the oil with our morning coffee and we also use the cream for specific spots that ache due to working out.

  36. Cierra Slater

    I just received my 2nd order from you guys. It was shipped quickly like last time.

  37. Alivia Nielsen

    I’m a writer and sometimes my migraines give me such a hard time that I can’t write anything at all. This CBD capsule takes that problem away.

  38. adrian

    Shipping and delivery were above expectations. The cbd oil seems very high-quality. I recommended this.

  39. Connie Frederick

    I should have ordered this 1500mg bottle the first time, I was afraid and bought the 500mg one last month, this one is the best!

  40. Saul Mckay

    I just finished the first bottle and I am really happy with the effects. It meets my expectations.

  41. Mayra Galloway

    So far so good, I’ve only been taking the oil for 5 days but it already helps me function better throughout the day and my head is less fogged. One more thing, this company delivered my ordered faster than anyone else I bought from.

  42. Harry

    I am very satisfied with my purchase! I was using the 500mg variant for my dog to help him with anxiety so I thought to try it too, then I bought this 1500mg one for myself since I’ve been having trouble sleeping. It really does work!

  43. Kurt

    I know for sure that grown selection only use premium ingredients in their products. Always consistent. Very effective!

  44. Valentina

    I gave this CBD oil to my 67-year-old mom to help her with her arthritis. With continued use, she can move around more and gives her pain-relief. I’m so happy with the product since it made my mom happy.

  45. Elliott

    This CBD oil is of pristine quality. I’m so happy with the effects on my body, I sleep better now and I feel more relaxed. Thanks a bunch grown selection!

  46. London

    I am so happy with this product. My friend recommended this CBD oil to me to keep my neck and back pain-free. I sit a lot at work and too much sitting gives me a bad backpain.

  47. Paisley

    CBD products from grown selection work exactly as they said they would. I contacted them and asked several questions about the effects and uses of every cbd product.

  48. Kyla

    Seems high quality, I’ve tried many others that turned out to be fakes or cheap knockoffs. This one definitely delivers.

  49. Jane

    Grown selection is a great company, customer service is better than most of their competitors.

  50. Toni

    I should’ve ordered more. Works very well, especially for my anxiety. Would definitely purchase again.

  51. Cara

    This is the best CBD oil I have ever tried! I’m very happy with grown selection. Thanks!

  52. Marcos

    We’ve tried CBD oil from other sellers but this one works best in my opinion. It helps a lot in handling pain.

  53. Clinton

    Amazing product. Amazing customer service. Amazing company. Kudos!

  54. Vanna

    The best quality kratom I tried. I’m really glad that I tried your store and I was not disappointed.

  55. Ramir

    My order arrived as promised. It was carefully packed too. I hope you can be consistent with your service for you to keep my business because I love how great your product is.

  56. Junie

    I worked as a delivery guy for years and getting in and out of the truck really took a toll on me. I started to feel pain in my pelvis and started limping. Tried several pain meds but nothing works until my son told me about this CBD. It took away the pain without me feeling any side effects.

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