Rifat live kratom plant
Live Rifat Kratom Plant

Live Rifat Kratom Plant


  • First kratom clone to appear in the U.S.
  • Plants are rooted for 3 months or more
  • More woody stems than other vendors, which is a sign of older growth
  • Plants are about 6 to 8″ tall
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24 reviews for Live Rifat Kratom Plant

  1. Monica

    When this plant was delivered, Grown Selection exceeded my expectations! What you see is what you get. They will even give you tips on how to care for it!

  2. Nancy

    Super satisfied. It was delivered with care. I really appreciate how you took care of the plant while in transit. Thank you!

  3. Bethanie

    The plant is lively when it arrived. Super happy with my order!

  4. Timothy

    The plant was healthy when it arrived. So glad that it was handled with care!

  5. Kanisha

    My order arrived in good condition and it was even 9 inches tall compared to what they said that 6-8 inches. It probably grew an inch while in transit! haha!

  6. Ankit

    Really healthy when it came. Not even a single withered leaf on my plant!

  7. Isobel

    I wasn’t really expecting to get the plant in excellent condition since it is quite difficult to handle potted plants, but what I received was definitely beyond my expectations. Thank you grown selection.

  8. Isobel

    The plant arrived in excellent condition and it arrived fairly quickly. Thanks! I highly recommend grown selection.

  9. Isobel

    I received the plant in great condition and it arrived pretty quickly. And as advertised, I got one with more woody stems which is pretty nice. Highly recommended!

  10. Isobel

    I decided to leave a review a week after it was delivered to make sure that I can keep it alive. And as of now, I’m really happy because it’s growing healthy.

  11. Valerie

    I just got my Live Rifat Kratom Plant and I am very excited. It’s a great addition to my garden of Kratom plants. Thanks for that really fast shipping.

  12. Roman

    The quality of Live Rifat Kratom Plant for the price is very reasonable and it comes with a guide on how to keep it healthy.

  13. Emmanuel

    These live plants are a must buy if you love Kratom. The Live Rifat Kratom Plant that I bought from this company was in great condition when it arrived. It’s been a week and it is still looking good.

  14. Gerard

    This seller came to my rescue when there was a slight hiccup with the order I made. Their customer service was absolutely great! Thanks a million.

  15. Clint

    I saw this plant in my friend’s garden, and I immediately asked him where he bought it. And now, mine just arrived yesterday, and he’s right the plant was well-taken care off during the shipping.

  16. Carmen

    I always want to grow a plant like this, and because of the pandemic, I only stay at home and work at home I have a lot more time to do gardening, so I decided to order this, and it came after 3 days. I transferred it in a pot after 5 days, and now it’s growing healthy.

  17. Christina

    Super satisfied! I highly recommend getting the Live Rifat Kratom Plant from grown selection. They will deliver it fresh and healthy.

  18. Heather

    First time ordering a Live Rifat Kratom Plant. I never really expected to get a healthy great looking plant.

  19. Stephanie

    I would love to grow this and start creating my own kratom mix from fresh leaves.

  20. Shirley

    This was recommended by my sister. She have this in her garden and been making her own kratom drinks.

  21. Jennifer

    A good addition to my live plant collection of kratom anf akuamma plants. This Live Rifat Kratom Plant arrived in a great condition. Thanks!

  22. Matthew

    I wanted to grow a Live Rifat Kratom Plant for once. They said that creating your own mix from its fresh leaves is exceptional.

  23. Scarlett

    The plant have great colors when it arrived. Looks really healthy. Thanks for the awesome shipping/delivery of my Live Rifat Kratom Plant. It was careful and fast.

  24. Akisha

    This is a perfect gift to my mom who also uses kratom. I’m sure she’ll love this plant.

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