kratom sample pack
Kratom Sample Pack—10 Varieties
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Kratom Sample Pack—10 Varieties


  • Includes one scoop each of 10 different kratom strains in individual, labeled packets
  • Approximately 20g total weight
  • Fully sterilized, all natural
  • Lab-tested to ensure premium quality
  • INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Kratom Powder and Crushed Leaves
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(66 customer reviews)


Not sure which strain of kratom is right for you? Order a kratom sample pack. We’ll include 10 different scoops of kratom, each in an individual packet that’s labeled with the name of the variety it contains. Our kratom is all-natural, and you can test different varieties, to review the quality of our products before deciding which strain of Mitragyna Speciosa best matches your needs.

When you receive your package, take some notes on each strain. Include your thoughts on strength, color, and other qualities that are important to you. Pay attention to the differences between red, green, white, and yellow strains, as well as the specific region attributed in its name.

Remember that people often report different results with smaller versus larger quantities of kratom powder. As a general rule of thumb, 3-5 grams are said to produce a stimulant-like or sedative-euphoric-analgesic effect. A larger amount like 8-15 grams is said to produce Sedative-euphoric-analgesic effects. Just keep in mind, these large amounts are often too strong for highly sensitive people. If you don’t have a scale, then you can estimate weight. Generally:

  • 1 level teaspoon of kratom powder will weigh 2-2.25 grams.
  • 1 Tablespoon of crushed leaf kratom is 2.7 grams

Our kratom is ethically sourced, tested for contaminants, and freshly sealed to preserve the quality of our product.

66 reviews for Kratom Sample Pack—10 Varieties

  1. Sam

    I just finished the sample pack and it was just like they said. I tried every sample and the red maeng da worked best for me. I just bought a pack!

  2. Frank

    This is a great 10 in 1 pack! You can try every variety with this and can choose what strains really works for you!

  3. Enrique

    I first purchased this sample pack to have an idea of the effects of each strain. And I would say that I like the maeng da kratom better.

  4. Carmela

    Great for some one who is starting with kratom. You can have a taste of different strains!

  5. Amelia

    I love that you have this sample pack because I don’t have to buy separate packs of each strains just to have an idea of what it taste and feels like.

  6. Kim

    I read in some reviews, that some are mixing different strains and they are getting a really great effect. And I’m very happy that you have this sample pack because I can make experiments with my favorite Red Bali on what other strains best work with it.

  7. Teresa

    I enjoyed trying different strains and this sample pack is really perfect for me!

  8. Julius

    It was delivered earlier than expected and each sample is well packed.

  9. Astrid

    I was happy that you guys have this sample pack! It let me try the red, white and green strains without spending much money on buying each pack separately. This is a great buy!

  10. Daniel

    With this pack, you can experience the different effects of kratom strains. This is really good for beginners in taking kratom.

  11. Isaac

    This is a very great deal! You can try different strains in 1 pack, how awesome is that?!

  12. Bennette

    I’m new to Kratom, and this is the very first item I ordered with GS. It helped me pick the right strain for me.

  13. David

    I read a lot of good stuff about kratom, so I said to myself, why not try it, and maybe it can help with my chronic pain. Then my friend recommended your store. Good thing is that you have this sample pack, and I can get to try which strain works best for me.

  14. Robert

    This sample pack is amazing. I love that I can taste all other varieties of the kratom powder. I usually order the platinum kratom, and that is perfect for me, but when I saw that you have the sample pack, I immediately ordered one, and now I have an idea what’s the effect of the other strains.

  15. Mark

    It came in a nice packaging. Each samples are packed nicely, completely sealed. Nicely done!

  16. Richard

    My go to kratom is the red maeng da and I sometimes try to mix it with other strains. This sample pack is just perfect because I get to try my maeng da to some other strains without having to pay more.

  17. Susan

    This sample pack is really helpful. It helps, new users to try and see what works best.

  18. Madonna

    I was able to choose which strains works best for me. Next time I will order again and I will try which strains can be mix with white hulu.

  19. Patricia

    I love this starter pack because I get to try all the strains without purchasing large quantities. I also get to experiment mixing different strains for better effect.

  20. Cynthia

    I’m not sure which strain to order since I’m new to this. Good thing that I saw this sample pack and I was able to choose the Kratom I can stick to. Every strain is great, but what I love is the effects of White Hulu.

  21. Angela

    This sample pack is a great idea. This allows you to check and try other strains until you know which strain to invest to.

  22. Amy

    It got here 2 days after I placed my order. I love this sample pack, because I can get to experiment with my red maeng da.

  23. Nicole

    I got my sample pack after 3 days. They are all of great quality. Smells really fresh and I get to experience the effects of other strains.

  24. Patrick

    I enjoyed all the strains very much. But I love the red strains more than the white.

  25. Chad

    I enjoyed trying a wide range of kratoms. I can say which one to use for my anxiety and which one to use if I need to be energized.

  26. Tracy

    I ordered this sample pack to experience different strains. I can say that every strain have their own purpose. Now I can tell which helps with sleep, for energy booster, and for mood enhancer.

  27. Maria

    The amount of powder in each pack is just right for you to experience the effects of each strain.

  28. Ronald

    I enjoyed the green strains from this sample pack. I will definitely order the green maeng da!

  29. Tiffany

    Very happy with my order. I was able to try the green, red, white and yellow strains without having to spend a lot of money.

  30. Tonya

    I haven’t finish trying the rest of the strains from this pack, but I can say that red borneo suits me well.

  31. Craig

    My sample pack came after three days. Just tried two strains from the pack, and the quality is great – smells is so fresh.

  32. Jill

    The green strains suits me well, the rest makes me shaky or even sleepy. Thanks to this sample pack I get to experience different strains.

  33. Erica

    My order came after 2 days which is very fast. The product is great, I love that I can try different variety of kratoms without spending much.

  34. Billy

    The best price there is for you to try 10 different strains.

  35. Melinda

    All the strains are very good. But I prefer the red strain better than the white ones. Thanks for the experience!

  36. Beth

    The experience is wonderful. I was able to try 10 strains and choose which works better for me.

  37. Suzanne

    I don’t know if this is the best out there because I have only tried this after a friend recommended that I try kratom products to help with my anxiety. Grown Selection was the first I saw with raving reviews so I decided to go with it. The strains are really effective and pure.

  38. Keith

    It’s wonderful that they have this option. I am new to kratom and honestly, the problem I was having was that I wasn’t sure exactly which one I needed. Having this sample pack solved that problem for me. I tried all 10 strains and now I just ordered more of the red maeng da since that strain worked wonders for me. Thanks grown selection!

  39. Marcus

    Amazing products. I’ve been looking for a vendor with high quality kratom so I could put them up in my shop and I didn’t want to break the bank by buying several different strains from every vendor I find. This sampler just saved me a ton of cash and the quality of the kratom from grown selection is superb, premium products. I have just contacted them to see if I could get wholesale discounts.

  40. Randy

    I’ve been trying to find how I could try different kratom strains without spending a lot of money. I’ve looked and looked both online and locally but I couldn’t find what I need. When I came across this website, I was so excited seeing that they have a sampler. I already take red borneo on a regular basis but I wanted to explore other strains too since I know that kratom is really effective. This helps me a lot. Thanks!

  41. Wesley

    The quality of your kratoms is superior. I purchased this sample pack to check if your red maeng da is better than the other store I usually buy from. And well, your product is much much better. Will definitely order again.

  42. Cory

    This sample pack is dope. You get the best of 10 worlds in 1 package. It would have been great if I knew about grown selection before I started buying several different kratom powder to see which one works for me best.

  43. Dianne

    This is a great way for me to try different strains and experiment with the usual strain that I take.

  44. Lee

    I bought this sample pack, and the white horn stands out for me. Thank you for this option because it made it easy to decide which strain to go to.

  45. Kathy

    I enjoyed this sample pack because I get to try other strains before deciding which strain to buy in large quantity.

  46. Jimmy

    My wife has hip and joint pain. My friend mentioned kratom and told me to have my wife try it since it is safer than those over the counter pain pills she’s been taking. I didn’t realize that there were several different ones so I didn’t know which one to buy. This sample pack just saved me a lot of trouble. We now know which one works best for her joint pain.

  47. Jenny

    This pack is a nice way to try other new strains. I always use the crushed leaf for my tea, but this sample pack is just nice because I can try the powder form without having to buy 100g and in the end deciding that you don’t want it.

  48. Lionel

    Excellent quality, I’ve tried 4 of them so far and the effects vary. The red ones seem to work well for pain and I felt it since I have chronic back pain. The other 2, I can’t really explain yet since I don’t know which one made me feel lethargic and which one gave me a kick in the butt. But I tell ya, they are very effective.

  49. Cheryl

    This is a way to go for novices like me to help us decide which strain works better.

  50. Todd

    I had a hard time choosing which strain to buy. Glad you made sample packs available. Now I know which one is my fave!

  51. Melissa

    Out of all the strains in the pack, I really loved 4 of them the most and I wish there was an option to customize my own pack. Like 3 in 1 pack with all my favorites in it.

  52. Dawn

    Had a really awesome time trying out all the strains. I did 1 strain a day and I really felt the different effects.

  53. Gerald

    Out of all the strains in the pack, Green Maeng Da is just awesome. Gives me a great amount of energy to jump-start my day and stay laser-focused at work!

  54. Betty

    Each sample has a decent amount for me to appreciate each strain. I really love the red maeng da because it kinda uplifts my mood.

  55. Virginia

    Best deal ever. I can try 10 different strains for an affordable price. I prefer this pack because I have different variants that I can try every now and then.

  56. Marvin

    Delivery is really fast. It’s really helpful to decide which one to order in the future. I just placed my new order for 2 strains that I enjoyed the most. I hope it will also arrive in 2 days.

  57. Reginald

    First time to order a Kratom so, I don’t exactly know what to order. So I contacted customer service and had given me advice on what to take, but they also suggested for me to order this sample pack to experience first hand the strains and for me to decide on my own. Good thing I ordered this starter pack because really, each strain have different effects on every individual.

  58. Holly

    So glad, you have this sample pack because I really don’t have an idea on which strain will help me with my migraine. So far, the Green Bali works best for me.

  59. Becky

    I’m still going thru the samples, some of the strains are relaxing, some makes me hyper but most importantly, all of them helped with the pain.

  60. Juan

    It’s my first time to order with Grown Selection and I ordered the this sample pack just to try the quality and purity of your kratoms. I was surprised when it arrived early, packaging is great and the powder is super fine and effective, especially the Red Bali.

  61. Yolanda

    I’ve been buying from other sites but they only have like 5 variants in one pack and it even cost more. Until I saw your site and you have 10 strains in a sample pack and the price is even better.

  62. Gina

    I never would have tried Kratom if it wasn’t for my sister who said she’s been taking it and it has helped her relieve stress. And I’m glad I found this sampler pack. I found the right one for me.

  63. Wanda

    I was skeptical at first to try kratom because there’s a lot of strain to choose from, and I don’t want to order a strain in bigger quantities that won’t work for me. Then my friend told me that you guys have this sample pack at an affordable price. I ordered this sample pack, and all strains are amazing. Now my problem is which one to choose because they are all great!

  64. Carlos

    I was kinda excited about my order but it came 5 days late. It’s so frustrating, good thing that the strains are great. Still I’m giving 3 stars because it was late.

  65. Theodore

    The shipping took too long. So disappointed because this is the first time I ordered from you and this is the experience.

  66. Edwin

    The idea of sample pack is nice but it will be nicer if I get to choose what strains to put in the sample pack.

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