Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder, 100g
Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder
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Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder


  • Fully sterilized
  • Specialty leaf powder cured to golden-brown color
  • Made from finely powdered kratom leaves
  • Premium quality Vietnamese kratom
  • Lab-tested to ensure high quality
  • Available in 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg
  • INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder
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This kratom strain is not named for its vein color like other strains, but rather because of the yellowish tinge to the kratom powder after it is dried and pasteurized. Yellow Vietnam Kratom, sometimes referred to as Wild Viet, or Vietnamese Kratom, is a mix of white and green veined strains that are said to originate on the Mekong River, and it is rare because of the special sterilization process that results in this coloration. The end result is a fine powder derived from the leaves of the tropical mitrogyna speciosa tree that’s high in alkaloids and yellow in color.

Like virtually every other strain of kratom on the legal market, Yellow Vietnam Kratom is grown in Indonesia. We source ours from family farms that know how to harvest high quality, mature leaves. The product is shipped to the US where it is sterilized and tested for heavy metals and other impurities.

Because of the special drying and sterilization process, Yellow Vietnam Kratom takes longer to process than most other strains. The leaves are sun-dried and ground into a fine powder.

People report this strain as being fast-acting, and similar to a mix of red and green veined varieties of kratom. It’s fast-acting, pesticide, and chemical-free.

Note: If you want to resell our Yellow Vietnam kratom, we also sell Bulk Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder in quantities up to 10kg at a discount.

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg

35 reviews for Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder

  1. Derik

    This is my go to Kratom for my anxiety better than the one prescribed to me.

  2. Ahmed

    Vietnam kratom is fast acting! Never fails to uplift my spirit.

  3. Latoya

    Extremely professional and nice to do business with. I will certainly order again and recommend you guys!

  4. Rita

    Products are really pure and you will really get the effect that you are expecting.

  5. Lovely

    This is a really good strain. Very effective with just a small dose.

  6. Timothy

    The best company that I have made business with. Products are legit and potent, and the delivery is super-fast, always earlier than expected.

  7. Mila

    I’ve never been this satisfied with a product. I can tell that this was made with premium ingredients. The effect was super fast and long-lasting. I’ve recommended this to a friend and said he will be ordering soon.

  8. Hazel

    2 days after ordering and there it was at my doorstep. Satisfied with the product. Perfect for my muscle pain.

  9. Anderson

    GS has the best customer service. They respond to your message promptly and they are really nice and considerate. I made a mistake when a placed an order 1 time and they helped me fix it immediately though according to them the order was already been processed, but they still accommodated me.

  10. Mackenzie

    I’ve never been disappointed in Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder. I am very happy that I found Grown Selections. Very good quality for a very good price.

  11. Cora

    This yellow strain is the perfect combination of white strain kratom. Gives me the boost and focus and even lightens my mood.

  12. Grant

    It might just be a small thing but I love that you guys have this product for your customers. Most vendors don’t sell this strain, and this is my favorite strain of all because it works for me. I hope you continue to have this available.

  13. Lincoln

    Grown Selection has the best price for a Kratom. I usually buy from another overpriced store but the Kratoms are not quality. With GS, its a full package, quality Kratom with a much better price!

  14. Queen

    I’ve been taking this as my tea in the afternoon and it really gives me some sense of relief and relaxation.

  15. Trevor

    This yellow Vietnam kratom is very nice. It relieves my pain and also helps me relax enough for me to fall asleep easier.

  16. Duane

    My favorite strain. It gives me the energy I need to get through the day without the jitters I’m getting when I take coffee.

  17. Vernon

    An energy booster strain. Keeps me active the whole day. What’s nice about this strain is that it doesn’t wear off after a few hours, but this really last for 10 hours the most.

  18. Judy

    Looking forward to more years of business with this company. They are the best supplier of kratom, authentic and always fresh. And they ship faster compared to other stores where I shop before.

  19. Herbert

    I have this yellow Vietnam, the red maeng da and the super green as part of my rotation. I don’t want to develop any resistance that’s why I take these alternately.

  20. Margie

    I only take this yellow Vietnam when needed. I don’t want to be too dependent on it. So, when I feel the aura and migraine will start to kick in, I will immediately take this and soothes me almost instantly.

  21. Eddy

    Yellow Vietnam is good as always, no complaint. Always delivered on time, never been late. Always a pleasure to do business with them.

  22. Ace

    Perfect for my muscle pain after an intense workout session. Never been this relieved.

  23. Cayden

    My brother shared a link to this page to me. He wanted me to try this to help with my anxiety. It worked wonders.

  24. Jaden

    We all have our own favorite when it comes to the kratom strains. This one is for me. I bought this yellow vietnam kratom powder to help with my insomnia. It’s just right for me.

  25. Ronan

    They have really good customer support. Very professional and knowledgeable. They thought me everything I needed to know about my yellow vietnam kratom powder.

  26. Karson

    I can’t wait for my next purchase from grown selection. I was thinking of trying out all the different strains. Next is going to be the white maeng da.

  27. Arlo

    I recommended this yellow vietnam kratom to my friends who loves kratom. They prefer different strains so I led them here in grown selection since It has the highest quality base from experience.

  28. Jay

    I was really disappointed that the shipping took 4 days to arrive. I was expecting it to just be a day or two. Can’t complain the quality because it it high quality. So I am still giving it 3 stars.

  29. Andy

    Best experience ever. The shipping was amazingly fast. Got my yellow vietnam kratom powder within the day of ordering it. The quality is superb.

  30. Kade

    I love the yellow strains particularly the yellow vietnam kratom powder. Helps with my back pain and muscle pain after an intense workout.

  31. Jayceon

    Excellent quality yellow vietnam kratom powder. Shipping was fantastic too.

  32. Joaquin

    Customer support is amazing. They were able to answer my questions about the yellow vietnam kratom powder timely.

  33. Stella

    This strain works better for me. It works faster than the other strain I’ve been using, it helps me to relax.

  34. Mckenzie

    This is a great addition to my kratom favorites. I have my own personal favorite for chronic pain. This one is quite different, it enhances my mood and very stimulating.

  35. Kristopher

    I have been using different kratom strains for years. Red, green, and white. When I first came across this yellow vietnam variant, I wanted to try it, and I did. I’m really glad to have made that decision since this product is amazing.

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