white horn kratom powder, 100g
White Horn Kratom Powder
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White Horn Kratom Powder


  • Fully sterilized
  • Made from finely powdered kratom leaves
  • Premium quality white-veined horned kratom
  • Lab-tested to ensure high quality
  • Available in 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg
  • INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure White Horn Kratom Powder
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Our White Horn kratom powder is made from the white-veined leaves of Migragyna Speciosa trees in Southeast Asia, and it’s becoming one of our more popular strains. We source this kratom powder from family farms in Indonesia. People who use White Horn kratom for an uplifting experience. They report that it has smooth energetic properties. They say that it is cleaner and more relaxing than typical white-veined kratom.

Our White Horn powder is finely ground, and organic. We use the leaves of mature trees so that alkaloid content is at its highest. There are no pesticides used to grow these plants, and we test for heavy metals and other contaminants. We just used horned, white-vein leaves, and blend every batch for consistency. Furthermore, our sterilization process eliminates the danger of microbials and other contaminants. Our pasteurization process also treats for any yeast or mold, in much the same way that milk is heat pasteurized, while maintaining high alkaloid content.

These kratom leaves have a unique horn pattern to them, unlike more common, unhorned kratom leaves. Native populations of Indonesia have used them for centuries for their unique properties. Now, these kratom leaves are available to the public, in fine powder form for easy absorption. If you want to feel productive, then give this strain a try.

Note: If you want to resell our White Horn kratom, we also sell Bulk White Horn Kratom Powder in quantities up to 10kg at a discount.

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg

41 reviews for White Horn Kratom Powder

  1. Monica

    First time to try white horn since I usually buy the red one. Also a great product for pain relief!

  2. Ahmed

    They deliver very fast! The company is always consistent with the service. And the product is pure.

  3. Leroy

    Glad to discover this product! It gives the boost I need everyday!

  4. Jimmy

    I’ve been trying other strains but I always keep coming back to this white horn powder. Very smooth effect.

  5. Leda

    I’m always confident about the quality of the products that I order with Grown Selection. You will never be disappointed.

  6. Ofelia

    Very prompt to respond and always professional. You would really feel that they care about their customers.

  7. Edgar

    GS has the best prices around and the best quality kratom too. I will not shop anywhere else! Only with you guys!

  8. Camille

    I don’t drink coffee so I take this white horn kratom every single day with my morning tea. It gives me the energy I need throughout my work day.

  9. Colt

    This white horn kratom powder is affordable and high quality. Super fast shipping and superior customer service. Great company.

  10. Kelly

    I’m not really a morning person which is why I use white horn kratom powder to get me going for the day. I like this strain and with Grown Selection I can get is for an affordable price.

  11. Harvey

    This particular strain of kratom is quite different from the others. It keeps me relaxed and calm. To be honest, I need it because it helps me sleep. The other white kratom strains give me the opposite effect. I’ve been using this for 4 months now and so far, it’s been great!

  12. Zach

    Customer service is prompt and thorough when helping. I’m very much impressed. I really felt the sincerity that they want to help and resolve the issue.

  13. Theo

    I have been addicted to pain meds because of the injury I had years back. I have tried a lot of pain meds until I develop tolerance and worst is an addiction to opioids. Until my brother told me about kratoms. Very effective, that I was able to stop taking my pain meds.

  14. Meredith

    I’ve been using kratom for a very long time now and still not convinced of the quality of the kratoms from the last shop where I used to buy. So I decided to try you guys, and the experience is very different. The quality of your kratom is what I’m looking for. Strong smell and very effective.

  15. Tyler

    I’m a very satisfied customer. Their customer service always goes above and beyond, and the product’s quality is top-notch!

  16. Marquis

    Great price for a high quality, super effective kratom strain. Also, Grown Selection always have some promos, like free shipping and discounts.

  17. Ernest

    The finest kratom I’ve tried is from Grown Selection. Great quality of the powder and the effectiveness is 2 thumps up!

  18. Raphael

    I take this every morning, and it puts me on my best mood to start my day. It sustains my energy for the entire day and at the same time keeps the back pain away.

  19. Shantel

    Grown Selection is a trusted source. They consistently provide quality kratom. I’ve been a customer for 6 months and ordered 7 times, and I was never been disappointed.

  20. Jerel

    I love this white horn. This is my booster whenever I have a deadline to meet. I’m a writer, and this helps me to think of more ideas to write about. It’s a big help to me.

  21. Denise

    I’m a bit disappointed because my order came late. I was so excited to try this strain but it came after 8 days. Maybe because of the upcoming election that’s why there’s a delay with the delivery.

  22. Carolina

    The order processing of Grown Selection is fantastic. They quickly send out orders so you can receive it earlier. They also have superior quality kratom.

  23. Erwin

    This store has the most affordable kratom with the best quality. I’m a very much satisfied customer.

  24. Conner

    Gives me a lot of energy without making me feel nervous or having any palpitations.

  25. Barrette

    Very professional vendor. I got my White Horn Kratom Powder within the same day of ordering it. Awesome quality as well.

  26. Zander

    Just the right strain to relieve light to moderate pain. White Horn Kratom Powder also helps with my insomnia.

  27. Derek

    Great company overall. Their customer support were fantastic. They have a very user-friendly site and super fast shipping. Just awesome!

  28. Emerson

    Keeps me energized all day. I mix my White Horn Kratom Powder with coffee to start my day. Very effective.

  29. Beckham

    Grown Selection will never disappoint you. They will deliver your purchased item within the day

  30. Titus

    My partner every morning. My workout routine is never complete without my White Horn Kratom Powder mixed with protein shake.

  31. Bodhi

    My go to strain whenever I feel my muscles burning from too much workout. White Horn Kratom Powder from Grown Selection is high quality with great aroma.

  32. Anathella

    If you want to be relieved from pain and still get to work, you can try this white Horn kratom because it will give you the energy to continue your day.

  33. Zayn

    Never thought that the shipping will only take a day. I was surprised and grateful at the same time.

  34. Ellis

    I love my white horn kratom powder. Although it alters the taste of my coffee, I still like that it has this earthy after-taste.

  35. Leonel

    Grown Selection is excellent so far. Their website is easy to navigate and the shipping only took a day to arrive. The white horn kratom powder is super high quality too.

  36. Cairo

    The white horn kratom powder is one of my favorite strain. In fact top 3 amongst my kratom list. It gives me the boost I need and also helps with my anxiety.

  37. Garrett

    Awesome experience so far. Never thought I’d find a cheap but high quality white horn kratom powder.

  38. Kristi

    White horn kratom is one of the best strains I’ve ever tried. I still love red maeng da the best but this one is right next on the list.

  39. Paula

    I gave this to my boyfriend for him to try since he’s been having issues sleeping. He said that it helps him stay calm and relaxed.

  40. Willie

    I got this for my wife to help her deal with her arthritis. She’s really having a hard time because of it, she couldn’t even walk straight before, but now she can, thanks to this.

  41. Ellie

    I ordered this for my husband, he’s a bit moody because he’s on a strict diet to lose weight. This has improved his mood big time.

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