43.5% full spectrum kratom extract powder
Kratom Extract Powder, 43.5% Full Spectrum, 1g

Kratom Extract Powder, 43.5% Full Spectrum, 1g


  • Fully sterilized
  • 43.5% Full Spectrum Extract
  • Highly Concentrated
  • 150mg Equivalent to 1g of other extracts
  • Full alkaloid profile
  • 1g bottle
  • INGREDIENTS: 100% Kratom Isolate
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(30 customer reviews)

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30 reviews for Kratom Extract Powder, 43.5% Full Spectrum, 1g

  1. Monica

    Very effective! Highly recommended!

  2. Claire

    This was delivered fast despite the pandemic. Never fails!

  3. Leroy

    Really amazing how it took effect immediately, when I first used it. So thankful that I found you guys. The best pain reliever.

  4. Thomas

    Best customer service! I’ve tried to order from other stores but whenever I have questions its always hard to get hold of someone. But with Growth Selection they are very responsive and accommodating! Really appreciated!

  5. Antoine

    I love this company. From quality product, to helpful and friendly customer service, they really are excellent, Will not buy anywhere else.

  6. Enrique

    Great value! I was very surprised with the effect, it’s really strong!

  7. Rose

    This is quality Kratom. Just by the texture and smell, you can immediately say that it’s of high quality. Plus the fact that effect on me is wonderful.

  8. Vera

    They always give the best of everything! The best quality product, the best service, and the best shipping.

  9. Manuel

    This kratom product is a bit more expensive than the other forms but it only takes a very small amount of powder to get the desired effects I need. So it’s almost the same as taking the cheaper forms when it comes to cost, it might actually even be cheaper to be honest, but with this I don’t have to stuff my face with so much powder. Thank you for making this product.

  10. Athena

    It is a bit harder to dissolve but definitely high quality. This kratom extract powder is excellent. Grown Selection, you have a costumer for life!

  11. Alice

    Transaction with GS is like a breeze, easy payment and shipping. Also the package came well wrapped.

  12. Lara

    This powder extract is amazing and the price is cheaper than any other store. Will order more from you guys!

  13. Devin

    This is the best kratom I tried, very very potent. Just a small amount and it almost immediately takes effect and effects last for a long hours.

  14. Christy

    I take this with my tea in the afternoon after work. It enhances the flavor of the tea and in a small dose, makes me relax after a long day at work.

  15. Loretta

    It came in a nice packaging, completely sealed. This is very concentrated so better be careful with your dosage.

  16. Bryant

    I’m opioid-dependent because of my condition, and with the help of this kratom extract, I can lower my opioid dosage and sometimes I can even go without my prescription. I hope someday I can get rid of the opioids in my system with the help of kratom.

  17. Eugenia

    I’m keeping my business with Grown Selection. Their products have been consistently potent, especially this kratom extract. With almost a year of ordering with them, I never had any issues that weren’t resolved immediately.

  18. Gunner

    Cute packaging. Something I can take with me on the go.

  19. Jake

    Highly recommend to those who are busy and always on the go. It’s really high quality with a really nice packaging.

  20. Hayes

    It’s always great to have this with me anywhere I go. I can always mix this with my coffee within business hours. Simply amazing.

  21. Prince

    I always need a boost of energy so I take this with me and add a few in my coffee. It gives not only the energy I need, it also gives focus.

  22. Cohen

    This kratom extract full spectrum is something that you can bring with you wherever you go. Genius!

  23. Khalil

    I love kratom extract full spectrum and I was happy to see it so cheap. I bought it here expecting it to be delivered right away. I got disappointed that I received it 4days from my order date.

  24. Hendrix

    This kratom extract full spectrum is high quality. Very professional customer support and super fast shipping. What more can you ask for?

  25. Cristian

    Gives me the boost that I needed whenever wherever. It’s so effective that I only needed to add the kratom extract full spectrum to my coffee and mix it well.

  26. Cruz

    I use this early in the morning with my coffee. My day isn’t complete without my kratom extract full spectrum powder.

  27. Kairo

    The kratom extract full spectrum from grown selection is super effective. It only takes about a few minutes to take effect.

  28. Damien

    This is the most potent kratom I’ve ever tried. The effects are great with just a very little dose.

  29. Gage

    Highly effective product. I’m glad I tried it.

  30. Carla

    Best ever kratom product I’ve tried. Takes away the pain in minutes.

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