Alkaloid Suspension, 10ml, Red or Green Vein Kratom
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Alkaloid Suspension, 10ml, Red or Green Vein Kratom


  • Pure kratom liquid from red-veined and green-veined kratom leaves
  • Lab-produced, Highest-quality products
  • Available in single bottle and 5-bottle options
  • Offered in both 150mg and 225mg for each strain
  • INGREDIENTS: Kratom Isolate, Vegetable Glycerin, Citric Acid, Vanilla Essence
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1 Bottle 150mg Red Alkaloid, 1 Bottle 150mg Green Alkaloid, 1 Bottle 225mg Red Alkaloid, 1 Bottle 225mg Green Alkaloid, 5 Bottles 150mg Red Alkaloid, 5 Bottles 150mg Green Alkaloid, 5 Bottles 225mg Red Alkaloid, 5 Bottles 225mg Green Alkaloid

42 reviews for Alkaloid Suspension, 10ml, Red or Green Vein Kratom

  1. Laura

    I have this very sensitive taste buds and powders somehow alters the taste of my coffee, but when I tried this liquid suspension I never had a hint of kratom on my coffee and I can even add it on my juice.

  2. Claire

    Greatly improved my mood and energy level. Will order again.

  3. Kalifa

    It’s always a pleasure to do business with your guys. It never fails!

  4. Jimmy

    My order came earlier than expected. It’s always nice doing business with you guys!

  5. Caroline

    This has immensely helped me with my anxiety and also gives me a peaceful sleep at night!

  6. Rebecca

    Gives me the immediate relief from pain. Definitely recommended!

  7. Victoria

    GS always gives fast, friendly service and they even have the best price around.

  8. Albert

    I always buy the red variant, I use it for my back pain. I used to take kratom in powder form but this liquid one is way easier to take and it works faster too.

  9. Gemma

    This Alkaloid suspension is pure and with the highest quality. Took only about 20mins to take effect. It made me relaxed and focused. This is super rare that only a few vendor have. Definitely staying with Grown Selection.

  10. Margaret

    Alkaloid Suspension is my favorite. Hands down to the quality and to this company grown selection. Ordering was so convenient and the shipping was so fast. 5 golden starts!

  11. Ivy

    It’s so convenient to shop with Grown Selection. Very easy process and they even process your order immediately so you can receive it ahead of schedule.

  12. Leon

    It arrived securely. No damage at all and the packaging is nice too.

  13. Paige

    My order arrived a day after I placed my order, in a sealed container, well packed to avoid damages during shipping. I’m so impressed with the delivery and with the quality.

  14. Monique

    Ever since this pandemic, I seldom go out of the house, I mostly do online shopping for my needs. And when I run out of my stocks of kratom, I don’t want to go to the store where I used to buy, and luckily I stumbled upon your site. I gave it a shot, and wow, it was delivered within 4 days despite the situation. And now, I always order online because I also find your stuff performs better than the one I used to have.

  15. Leticia

    Hands down to Grown Selection. Always consistent with the quality of their product and their price is very reasonable. Customer service is also excellent.

  16. Eva

    I love the green compared to red because it’s milder and smoother feeling when you take it. It’s also fast-acting and long-lasting at the same time.

  17. Benito

    Nice product. Easy to take and less hassle because you can just add few drops to your tea. It’s also fast acting.

  18. Tobias

    Very effective, Just a drop and my pain goes away. Best kra So far, it has been a great experience.

  19. Brady

    Great experience so far. From the user-friendly site to the within the say shipping. It was awesome!

  20. Clayton

    It’s amazing how one small drop can change your life. This kratom alkaloid suspension helped with my pain and anxiety. This was recommended by my friend and I’m glad he did.

  21. Francisco

    This vendor has a very professional customer service. It’s a whole package I must say. From the site interface to the shipping and the actual quality of the product. Simply magnificent.

  22. Cash

    I had multiple questions about the kratom alkaloid suspension and got the answers needed with the most polite responses from their customer service. Love it.

  23. Daxton

    Pretty high quality kratom alkaloid suspension compared to all the other vendor out there. Glad I stumbled upon Grown Selection.

  24. Erick

    I use my kratom alkaloid suspension at night to help with my sleep. I get an amazing feeling in the morning when I wake up which I think is an effect of too.

  25. Atticus

    Professional and polite lots. Their customer support was exceptional. They were able to give me information about my kratom alkaloid suspension.

  26. Killian

    I don’t know what I would do without my kratom alkaloid suspension. This is like a miracle worker.

  27. Orion

    I ordered this kratom alkaloid suspension so I can try it out since a friend recommended it. I’m very disappointed that it arrived after 3 days. That’s a bit late don’t you think? Though I must say, my friend said it has better quality that the one she ordered from another vendor.

  28. Spencer

    Just a drop and it takes my pain away. What an amazing product.

  29. Gideon

    The size is just about right for my pocket. This kratom alkaloid suspension is perfect for on the go people.

  30. Malakai

    Just a drop and it makes me relaxed all day. I take this every morning before going to work.

  31. Ali

    Best pain killer ever! I never thought such thing existed. My friend recommended this kratom alkaloid suspension to me. I just found Grown Selection to have the cheapest so I bought it here. But my friend said it is high quality. Even better than hers.

  32. Eduardo

    I always get the green variant. Works for me better than the red one. I don’t know why but the red one seems too high of a dosage for me.

  33. Fernando

    Very professional. I got may kratom alkaloid suspension the same day I ordered it. That is just how grown selection is.

  34. Mario

    For someone who is very busy like me, this kratom alkaloid suspension is pretty perfect. I don’t have time to make myself some coffee so it is pretty convenient just to drop it off my mouth.

  35. Terrance

    The red strain seems to work for me better than the green one. But I do recommend the green strain for those who are just starting.

  36. Jamarion

    It’s like the droplet of life. Keeps my back pain away and helps with my insomnia. This kratom alkaloid suspension is simply amazing.

  37. Jonathon

    Shipping was crazy fast. I ordered my kratom alkaloid suspension and got it the same day. The website was user-friendly. The product itself is pretty high quality. I couldn’t ask for more.

  38. Jadon

    Their customer support was pretty amazing. They were able to answer all my questions about the kratom alkaloid suspension and even recommended the right dosage for me. Thanks!

  39. Kimora

    Very reasonable pricing considering its effectiveness. I recommend this vendor. Very professional.

  40. Halle

    Very high quality and worth the price. I’ve been using this to relieve my pain. I tried other vendors and I must say that grown selection is the best.

  41. Marina

    Very convenient to have. I can take it anywhere I go. Just one drop and it takes may pain away.

  42. Tomas

    The website was user-friendly, the shipping was within the day or ordering it. Not to mention, the quality is outstanding. Great vendor!

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