10mg vegan softgels, 30ct
CBD Vegan Softgels, 10mg – 300mg/bottle

CBD Vegan Softgels, 10mg – 300mg/bottle


  • Made in the USA
  • High-Strength CBD Product
  • 0.00% THC
  • Made Safe With Non-Toxic Solvents
  • Lab Tested For: Fungus, Bacteria, Pesticides, Heavy Metals
  • INGREDIENTS: MCT oil (coconut oil), 10 mg 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD per softgel.
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(58 customer reviews)


Feel good knowing all of our CBD products are hand-selected by doctors to ensure safety, consistency, and quality in every product.
Our Vegan CBD Softgels are easy-to-swallow and people report that they help with pain and anxiety. Our softgels are protected from oxidation and degradation because of an airtight, hermetically coated seal on every capsule. This makes for a consistent product compared to other options. Plus, you can eliminate CBD’s strong flavor profile by consuming it in softgel, capsule form.


10 mg 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD per softgel, Polysorbate Emulsifiers, MCT Oil, & Beta-Caryophyllene.

Gelatin Shell: Bovine-derived Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Water

Suggested Use

Take CBD softgels on a full stomach with something heavy in fats.

Additional information

Weight8 oz

58 reviews for CBD Vegan Softgels, 10mg – 300mg/bottle

  1. Arthur

    This vegan soft gels are really convenient and very effective. It’s definitely a must-try.

  2. Liam

    I’m grateful that you have this vegan CBD. I’ve been looking for this and I’m happy that I saw your website. Not all store has this.

  3. Karen

    My order arrived late because I forgot to put my apartment number for the delivery address. It would have been ideal if they contacted me to fix the problem but they didn’t. So I sent them an email, they responded pretty quickly explaining how the courier should have contacted me and apologized for it. They corrected the issue right away and I got my order soon thereafter. I would have given 5 stars if the delivery guys reached out to me.

  4. Albert

    A size that fits my pocket. I can take this CBD Vegan Softgels, 10mg – 300mg/bottle anywhere I needed to go.

  5. Noah

    My knee joints feel better. I think this product works better for me than the oils did. I’m so glad I found this product.

  6. Roy

    One CBD Vegan Softgels, 10mg – 300mg/bottle in the morning takes me through until the evening helping with pain relief and my anxiety.

  7. Logan

    I’ve used CBD Vegan Softgels for about 3 weeks now and ever since, I have been a loyal customer and I will definitely get the same product next time. Super effective!

  8. Johnny

    Works like a charm. I take CBD Vegan Softgels, 10mg before I sleep to feel relaxed.

  9. Liza

    Being a vegetarian makes it harder sometimes to find the vegan products that you can use. And I’m just so happy that you have a vegan CBD it makes life easier for me especially on my back pain.

  10. Kinesha

    My order arrived within 2 days. I wasn’t expecting it to arrive early. Really awesome!

  11. Samantha

    These vegan softgels are very easy to take. It also takes effect pretty quickly. I take one just a few hours before I go to bed. I’ve actually recommended this to a friend who also has sleeping problems. I hope it helps him the same way it helped me. Thank you for having such a great product for vegan people like me.

  12. Burke

    Customer service is really friendly, very prompt and gives good advice. I’m new to this and I’m thankful that they are always available.

  13. Bradley

    I’ve been looking for the proper CBD product for my dad before I found you guys. I think that this softgel type is the way to go. I’ve noticed that he is less tense during the day and that he sleeps a lot better at night. He takes 2 of these cbd softgels every day, one in the morning and one before bed. So far, it’s worked great!

  14. Marco

    I’ve used half the bottle so far and I wanna say that I’m satisfied with how these cbd softgels work. The fact that I don’t have to deal with the taste is amazing since I used to take oil instead of these, they don’t take effect as fast but it still doesn’t take long to feel the effects. Definitely a 5 stars for me.

  15. Orlando

    It’s my first time to buy with this company and my order came late. I immediately contacted them about it and they helped me trace my package. It arrived on the 7th day, well it was couriers fault. Customer service explained to me that they processed my order the same day after I placed my order and was shipped the following day. I hope this won’t happen again.

  16. Birch

    I love this soft gel. It’s not irritating to my stomach. I take one soft gel in the morning, and it keeps me focus the whole day without feeling stressed and exhausted.

  17. Regina

    I take this for my joint pain and it really relieves the pain. I find this more safer than NSAIDs too. It’s not sensitive to my stomach.

  18. Claudia

    I appreciate the vegan softgel so much. It helps with the pain and I can sleep better now.

  19. Amber

    I prefer this softgel more than the oil because it’s more convenient. I can take it where I go. Also, the dosage is just right for me, one gel lasts the whole day.

  20. Alfred

    It’s very easy to place an order with Grown Selection, unlike from other online stores. It’s very upfront, and it’s only gonna take a few steps, and you’re done with your order. And in two days, your order is already on your doorsteps.

  21. Hans

    This is easier to take than the oil, and I find the effect more subtle, and it lasts the whole day.

  22. Dominique

    Are you looking for an effective yet affordable CBD? Grown Selection is the store to be. Their product is always top notched.

  23. Nigel

    I like this soft gel a lot. Aside from the fact that it is vegan, it saves me from having to bear the taste of the oil. I’m not saying that oil tastes terrible, I just couldn’t take the greasy feeling in my mouth.

  24. Armand

    For those who are still not convinced about how effective this CBD soft gel is, I can say with certainty that these are very very effective. It will take away the pain and make your life easier every day if you are suffering from chronic pain.

  25. Herman

    I take this daily every morning and keeps me alert and present-minded at work. And it also lessens my pain in my lower back.

  26. Rodrick

    I always feel calm and relax whenever I take this vegan softgel.

  27. Harley

    I take sleeping pills every night until it took a toll on me. Then I started taking this CBD vegan soft gels, it helps with any pain and also helps me have a good night sleep.

  28. Molly

    I feel so healthy after a week of taking this soft gel. I added it to my daily vitamin dose every morning and I’m loving the effect. I feel more energize everyday.

  29. Alfred Cooper

    I’m not a fan of softgels, I just tried it once. It’s good because you don’t taste something at all when taking it but it takes time to take effect. I ordered another of CBD oil from grown selection since it’s already tried and tested by me.

  30. Sasha

    My anxiety is really taking a toll on me. I sometimes end up crying for no reason. Then I tried this CBD vegan soft gel, it greatly improved my mood and fewer anxiety attacks for me.

  31. Jim Anderson

    It helps me with my anxiety, but it doesn’t last as long as the full spectrum CBD.

  32. Samantha Hall

    Very good products. This helps me get through my daily life without anxiety.

  33. Bart Velazquez

    These softgels work great for my arthritis. I get the relief I need.

  34. Lex Forbes

    Great product. These softgels work and I am very grateful to have found it.

  35. Lewis

    This vegan soft gel is very strong. It can take away the pain I’m suffering in my hip for ages now. And it also helps my daughter manage her anxiety.

  36. Teresa Nieves

    I had no problems with the order process and the delivery was very quick. I like the product, it’s good for pain.

  37. Natalie Workman

    I love the fact that you have the vegan option. I’ve always wanted to try CBD and this is just what I was looking for.

  38. Tiana Ratliff

    These capsules are good for those people who don’t like the taste of cbd oil, like my husband. I’ve been using CBD oil but this product is like treasure for him since he gets the same benefits I do, and he doesn’t have to deal with the taste.

  39. Addison

    You got a great product and a very nice customer service. I’ll definitely place another order.

  40. Xander Conrad

    I have tried cbd from different brands. I feel that grown selection comes out on top when both quality and price are considered.

  41. Esteban Rosales

    My wife is now having good sleep quality, now she can stop taking those sleeping pills.

  42. adrian

    Thanks for having these vegan softgels available. I’ve been looking for this for a long time.

  43. Lena Dillard

    These cbd softgels are a game changer. Thanks a lot!

  44. Willow Ewing

    I don’t believe that something is of premium quality until I see it. I saw the ad for grownselection and I thought that the products look good on the page so why not try em. I’ve just finished my 2nd bottle yesterday.

  45. Jayson Joyner

    Taking CBD has never been this easy. This is an amazing product, It really helps me with my daily life. Thank you!

  46. Clarissa

    I have used cbd from many brands, but this one I got from grown selection convinced me that CBD really works. These softgels are very good!

  47. Mercedes

    I am very amazed by the effectivity of these capsules, and how easy they are to take. Received my order within two days – awesome shipping time!

  48. Tasha

    I have been vaping CBD for a very long time, but I can’t vape at work so I can’t get the CBD effects I need. Although it doesn’t take effect as fast, it still works and helps me through the day.

  49. Genevieve

    I’ve been using cbd softgels from another company but these ones are more cost-efficient I don’t need to take them twice a day like the others. One cap fully satisfies my needs.

  50. Anita

    Thanks to grown selection. I can do some workouts again without the worry of getting fatigued right after. This has really improved my mood too. So an improvement in my lifestyle altogether.

  51. Silas

    I take these capsules while also using my cbd cream which I also got from grownselection. Works perfectly after each workout. My muscles don’t get as stiff as they normally do if I don’t use the cbd products. I’m definitely buying again.

  52. Bryant

    I must admit that this CBD capsule works exactly as I wished for it to work, the quality of customer service with grown selection also deserves attention, they answered all the questions I had.

  53. Cora

    I have many aches and pains. Especially my back and neck pain. Taking 2 capsules every morning helps me a lot in dealing with the pain.

  54. Jermaine

    I can’t believe that CBD was the product I’ve always been looking for. I’ve had anxiety and depression problems and CBD saved me.

  55. Terrance

    Ultra fast shipping and delivery. Got my cbd capsules after just two days and I’ve been taking them for about 3 weeks now. Everything is good so far, I hope it lasts.

  56. Tyrone

    I love grown selection and their products. Both the CBD and kratom products are very high in quality.

  57. Lorenzo

    I can see why grown selection is loved by most of their customers when I checked the reviews before I made my first order. Very good quality products, CBD is on point. Thanks a lot!

  58. Mavy

    I am very happy that I found a store that caters the need for vegans like me. This CBD is a great help for me, keeps me going with my hectic schedule.

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