CBD Jojoba roller, 10mL, 100mg
CBD Jojoba Oil Roller, Broad Spectrum, 100mg/bottle (10mL)

CBD Jojoba Oil Roller, Broad Spectrum, 100mg/bottle (10mL)


  • Made in the USA
  • High-Strength CBD Product
  • 0.00% THC
  • Made Safe With Non-Toxic Solvents
  • Lab Tested For: Fungus, Bacteria, Pesticides, Heavy Metals
  • INGREDIENTS: Jojoba oil 10 mL, 100 mg 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD.
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Try our Jojoba Oil Roller for quick and convenient relief. The roller-ball is an easy way to apply this topical dose of CBD oil to an affected area of your body. You can roll CBD onto your pulse points, upper chest, the soles of your feet, or anywhere else on your body that you prefer.

Users have reported lasting, soothing pain relief upon application of this topical ointment.


Jojoba oil 10 mL, 100 mg 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD.

Suggested Use

Apply roller it to the affected area. Users report pain relief after applying the CBD-infused Jojoba Oil to their joints and other areas of the body. They say that it can last for up to four hours. Reapply as needed.

Additional information

Weight8 oz

36 reviews for CBD Jojoba Oil Roller, Broad Spectrum, 100mg/bottle (10mL)

  1. Rachel

    This is very handy and also very potent! I love the fact that you can apply it directly to where it hurts.

  2. Fatima

    This oil roller is very convenient. Application is very easy and mess-free.

  3. Sandra

    This is my first time trying a CBD oil roll on even though I have tried several CBD products in the past. I can say that it’s pretty handy and very convenient to have with you, especially when you have chronic pain like me. This helps me a lot and I will continue to use it.

  4. Ferdie

    It has a nice scent, very soothing and relaxing. Also, it comes in great packaging, no leaks whatsoever.

  5. Terry

    I purchased CBD Jojoba Oil Roller, Broad Spectrum for personal use with my chronic pain. Then I had my mother use it for hip pain when she had an event she thought she’d have to miss. She was able to move comfortably throughout an event and I personally could see the improvement. Thank you Grown Selection!

  6. Alan

    It’s really effective against my muscle pain after an intense workout. I highly recommend CBD Jojoba Oil Roller, Broad Spectrum for sweat junkies like me.

  7. Louis

    Fits perfectly in my pocket. I take this CBD Jojoba Oil Roller, Broad Spectrum with me around my house so I don’t need to find it when ever I feel pain in my neck.

  8. Vincent

    I was a bit skeptical regarding CBD claims, but decided to try CBD Jojoba Oil Roller, Broad Spectrum, as I have knee and back pain. I was super amazed buy how it worked. I will continue to have this product readily available at my house!

  9. Russell

    I have been amazed at the results of CBD Jojoba Oil Roller, Broad Spectrum. It gives a deep relief to my pain and lasts for a good, long while.

  10. Trevor

    I take this CBD oil roller with me everywhere I go. It’s very useful when I workout. This was also a lifesaver when we went hiking, a friend of mine tripped and hurt his foot, he was so amazed that the product worked like magic, the pain was literally reduced within minutes, so he ordered one for himself.

  11. Adriel

    I am very impressed with Grown Selection. The packaging was nice and it was delivered in just 2 days and the best part is, the CBD jojoba oil is so effective!

  12. Summer

    This smells really nice. It doesn’t smell like ointment at all. Like I can apply it anywhere without being bothered how it smells. And aside from that, I get the relief I need.

  13. Leith

    It was wrapped carefully to avoid any damages. Also, the roller works perfectly. I had an experience before from other stores, that, the roller does not roll at all. This is already my 3rd order from here and will for sure be a loyal customer.

  14. Raven

    The scent is nice, and it’s easy to apply. It also comes in handy. So, I don’t have to worry about having my migraine attack when I’m travelling to work because I can apply this easily.

  15. Lois

    I always felt like my muscles in my nape and shoulders are so tense after long hours of working, and sitting in front of a computer. Then I used this CBD jojoba oil, and it helps lessens the stiffness and I feel so relaxed

  16. Leanne

    I can’t take much pain killers as much as I want to, so I tried all other alternatives that I can use, just to relieve the pain. I tried creams, gels but none of those worked. Then I found this roller and wow, this works perfectly for me. It eases the pain, and I can even have a good night sleep. And what’s good about this, is that I apply it where ever I am.

  17. Reggie

    Very handy. I always have this in my pocket. I can use this instantly where ever I am, whenever I feel that my headache is starting to kick in. And it relieves me almost immediately.

  18. Emman

    I prefer this oil roller than the cream. Though their effectiveness level is the same, it saves me from the messy application.

  19. Leila

    I used this as a massage oil for my shoulder. It quickly relieves the tension in my shoulders and relaxes me almost immediately.

  20. Luna

    Its so easy to apply. I can apply it directly where it hurts and gives me the relief almost immediately.

  21. Charity Hooper

    This roll-on seems to work. It slightly reduces inflammation and the pain.

  22. Madeleine Holder

    I like the cream better than this one but they are both effective so I still give it a 5 star rating.

  23. Tricia Franco

    I am so loving this roll-on cbd. This has incredibly improved my recovery and all the soreness I used to get because of my active lifestyle.

  24. Annette Mcfarland

    This product is very convenient to have. I really love how small this roll-on is so it’s easy to carry, like when I workout at the gym or even outdoors.

  25. Yvonne

    It is very handy to have, I take it with me everyday. I keep it in my purse and I just use it whenever I feel the need to. I also like that I don’t have to use my fingers like an ordinary topical.

  26. Eden

    This is perfect for post workout application. This roll-on saves me from getting sticky hands. It’s absolutely a premium quality product, I’m going to recommend this to my gym buddies too.

  27. Jameson

    This CBD roll-on is so amazing. I don’t have to get my fingers messy like with other products. Just apply it to any sore or inflamed part of my body and voila. All is good!

  28. Trey

    This CBD roll-on works good for my back pain after some heavy weight lifting. Surprisingly, it also has some warming effect, which is absolutely amazing. Definitely worth every penny!

  29. Griffin

    This product is amazing! I think this is the best topical CBD that I’ve tried because it can easily be applied. Will recommend.

  30. Shannon

    Even better than the salve. I don’t have to use my fingers anymore when I need to apply CBD to get pain relief.

  31. Nadia

    I got this for my dad. He gets muscle cramps in his legs and feet at night when he sleeps. This roller helped with that.

  32. Esmeralda

    This roll-on is super nice and it has a natural scent that I really love.

  33. Malik

    I’ve had several different rollers in the past but this one is actually a gamechanger. Very easy to use and works really fast.

  34. Selena

    I’m happy with this product. It works absolutely great for muscle recovery and muscle inflammation! I will buy again.

  35. Chance

    This roll-on is top quality, I do mix martial arts and muscle pain comes with it. This helps me tremendously.

  36. Vina

    Very handy. I bring this everywhere I go. It’s fast acting and helpful during stressful situation.

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