CBD cream, 500mg, 2oz
CBD Cream 500mg/container (2oz)

CBD Cream 500mg/container (2oz)


Try this natural CBD cream. Contains pure hemp extract, maximum strength.

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • 100% Organic
  • No Pesticides
  • 0.00% THC
  • Made Safe With Non-Toxic Solvents
  • Lab Tested For: Fungus, Bacteria, Pesticides, Heavy Metals
  • High-Strength CBD Product
  • Made in the USA
  • INGREDIENTS: Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, 500 mg 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD
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(35 customer reviews)

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Weight8 oz

35 reviews for CBD Cream 500mg/container (2oz)

  1. Arthur

    This is highly recommended compared to those over the counter pain relief creams, this is way way better.

  2. Nikki

    I really like this cream because it really helps with the pain and at the same time does not make your skin dry.

  3. Doug

    This cream works better than those pain relief patches. When my friend recommended this product, I was hesitant because I had no experience with CBD, hemp, or any of that stuff. Then he said that it’s just a cream product and won’t get me high. I tried it and I am a happy camper.

  4. Jeffrey

    Been using this pre-exercise and at bedtime to deal with muscle pain. Works great!

  5. Edward

    Helps with my chronic pain. I like how they make it a point to not use a ton of unnecessary ingredients.

  6. Raymond

    I love this CBD Cream! I’ve tried a couple other brands but this one is superb! It’s the best! Thanks Grown Selection!

  7. Larry

    After searching for years for a product that works, I finally found one. This CBD Cream has a decent fragrance and not slimy at all. Work quickly too!

  8. Isabella

    It’s an amazing cream. It works wonders for my muscle pains. Shared this with a friend too.

  9. Jonathan

    I got this as a gift from my son. It works great, especially when my joints get a bit stiff.

  10. Raheem

    I got this shoulder pain that does not go away with any pain meds I take, but when I tried this CBD cream which was recommended by my friend, I started to feel relief. I totally love this cream!

  11. Dale

    Very effective! Amazingly, it works for my migraine. I apply it on my temples and just a few minutes I’m relieved from the pain.

  12. Mario

    This cream is very effective for my tense muscles. It provides relief, and it doesn’t have an oily feeling on your skin.

  13. Tameka

    I’m very skeptic about oral pain meds even with CBDs. Good thing there is a topical CBD cream that is very effective with muscle pain and even headaches.

  14. Kathlyn

    I apply this cream every night on my hips and legs and it helps me sleep without the pain. It’ super effective.

  15. Shana

    This cream relieves the stiffness I feel in my neck. Very effective. I will place another order and will give it to my dad for his gout. I hope it will work for him.

  16. Kody

    I have this chronic urticaria, and I can tell what triggers it, even though I’m avoiding foods that can cause my skin to flare. I also tried taking meds for this, but nothing seems to help, then a friend gave me this CBD cream and said to give it a try. It’s so amazing, how my skin reacted to cream when applied, the redness immediately faded, and itchiness was gone. I’m so thankful to my friend for introducing this to me. It’s a great help!

  17. Clifford

    I’m very surprised how effective this cream is for relieving pain. I don’t believe in creams as a pain reliever, but this changed my view on creams.

  18. Jaxon

    I found this cream to be very effective for my arthritis. Gives me an immediate relief.

  19. Katelynn Pollard

    I was using the 200mg cbd cream before, I’m glad I tried this stronger one.

  20. Elaine Cotton

    My husband is a truck driver and suffers from chronic back pain. He said that this cream works wonders.

  21. Stacie Bender

    I’ve been using the roller bottle before I bought this salve. They both work great for my stiff joints. Great product!

  22. Luna Gould

    I have tried several other brands of cbd cream before but this one is definitely the best. It has a very nice texture, it smells natural, and it gets absorbed quickly.

  23. Kameron

    The effects that this cream brings me is just so amazing. High quality, good price. Thumbs up to grown selection!

  24. Trisha

    I’ve been using topical CBD from different brans and this one is my personal favorite. It gives me quick relief for my sore muscles.

  25. Carolina

    It’s very discreet, I bring it with me all the time without any worries. Easy application to get rid of pain.

  26. Jessie

    Great quality, smells good too. I like this very much. It’s not like the other topicals I got from other vendors.

  27. Hazel

    This cream is so easy to use and has been so effective than any other I’ve tried. It reduces inflammation really quickly and gives pain relief. Just a small amount is good enough!

  28. Ross

    Very good product, works fast and gets absorbed by the skin quickly. Happy with this product.

  29. Ty

    I use this cbd cream at night. Especially after a day in the gym. To make sure I don’t feel the pain when I wake up in the morning.

  30. Janelle

    The CBD in this cream is just right for me. It’s not greasy and it works pretty good.

  31. Ronnie

    Great quality cream, feels nice on the skin and it works pretty fast.

  32. Latoya

    Nice scent. Also effective when applied to knees and joint areas.

  33. Peyton

    The salve seems to be great on the skin when dealing with pain, It’s natural and it’s a lot better than other topicals.

  34. Juvy

    This is kinda pricey compared to the other stores where I used to buy this cream. But overall, it’s very effective.

  35. Elana

    The scent of the cream is so mild and relaxing. And when applied it relaxes my muscle in just few minutes.

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