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Take ownership of your life, naturally.

About Grown Selection

We believe in personal liberty, and your right to self-ownership. This means that you ought to be able to do with your body what you so choose, so long as you cause no harm to other people. We only sell legal products where they are not prohibited through local or federal laws and regulations, while we advocate for the legalization of all things that should be legal according to this set of beliefs.

Freedom comes with responsibility, and at times, people make choices that result in self-harm. Sometimes harm also occurs due to no fault of an individual. A doctor may prescribe opioids to a patient as a treatment for pain, and this may lead to developing an addiction to harmful drugs, and sometimes death. When prescriptions run out, people resort to buying these dangerous drugs on the black market.

We believe that there are many holistic options that people may use instead of dangerous pain-killers, anti-anxiety medication, heavy stimulants and other drugs. We make no medical claims and our product disclaimer applies to our entire selection.

Grown Selection is an Upright Universe website. We pride ourselves in providing high quality products and excellent customer service to the people we serve. We want to earn your continued business, and value the longevity of that relationship. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Product Quality

Our products are of the highest quality. Our kratom products are imported from trusted suppliers in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Then, sterilization and testing occurs in the US. Our products are also periodically tested for heavy metals, microbes and other contaminants. The mitragyna speciosa trees used to produce our kratom powder, crushed leaves, tablets and other products are organic and grown naturally on family farms, with no pesticides. We source our kratom from the best suppliers that deliver a product with high alkaloid content. Try our wide selection of red veined, green veined, and white veined varieties, plus yellow kratom (named for the yellow color produced after the sterilization process, and not the veins). In addition to kratom powder, we sell kratom tinctures, extracts, and tablets.

Our CBD oil and other hemp derivatives are also of the highest quality, lab tested for consistency in CBD levels and to ensure that they contain 0.00% THC. Our products are all natural, including our flavored and CBD pet products.

All of our products are hand-selected to maximize quality.


Be sure to read our shipping and returns policy. We offer free shipping on all orders over $100. We ship from various locations, but generally, our kratom products ship from New York and most of our CBD products ship from Illinois.

Payment Methods

We accept many payment methods including credit cards, bitcoin and ACH. To make a credit card payment, you will be redirected to first purchase digital tokens that are used to pay for your order. This keeps us in compliance with Visa and MasterCard terms of service. Bitcoin payments will result in the fastest order processing time for new customers, where ACH payments will result in a slight delay until funds clear.

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